Bitter sweet

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I am not a slut

The past few days have been wonderful, I walk to school and Logan meets me along the way, I have gotten so comfortable with him, he tried to introduce me to his friends during lunch but I insist we go to our spot, What if they don’t like me and do not want Logan to talk to me anymore, I will be so devastated.

I sat In my first period of class monday morning, I do not know how logan did it but he managed to change some of his class to mine, I was so excited even Riley was annoyed that I liked Logan more but I assured her that she was my best friend.

I sat down with Logan sitting beside me, I noticed some she-wolves have been glaring at me foe awhile because they have been trying to get Logan’s attention but he only wants to talk to me.” Hey princess what are you doing”, Logan asked looking at my notebook, I quickly covered it I have been doodling L+Z in hearts, I feel so ashamed.

“Princess, what are you hiding”, Logan said moving closer to me, I couldn’t help but blush and before I knew it logan was in the other corner of the class with my notebook in his hands, smiling at the page. I put my head on the table, he is going to think I am desperate and probably stop talking to me, I looked up at logan as he raised up my head.

He swiped my face, I never knew I was crying,” Princess, Don’t cry, I love it”, He kissed my cheek and I blushed and hugged him, The school bell went and students started entering the class room.

I sat down back in my seat blushing again.


It was lunch time and Riley and I were just packing our things in our locker.” So how are things going with that sexy vampire”, She said and I quickly placed my hand over her mouth.

“Riley do you want people to hear you”, I said, I have just about had with her dramatic ways. “Oops, I forget about the hearing but I am serious though”, She said dragging me down the hall way, I laughed. We ran into Logan, at the door to the cafeteria.” Hey princess”, He said wrapping an arm around my waist.

I smiled looking up at him, I loved the way he made me feel, the sparks, I don’t get why because he is not my mate but I don’t care.” We are going to sit with my friends, I want you to get to know them”, He said, I know that I can’t avoid them forever, I nod. Riley waves goodbye and heads into the cafeteria, I follow logan to his table with my head down.

“Zyla, this is emmett and that is ronald”, He said pointing at the two guys.

“Wassup”, Emmett said and I giggled,” Finally I get to meet the chick Logan’s been hung up on”, I looked at ronald as he said that and smiled. That means they like me.

I sat down in between logan and emmett, I noticed some girls giving me horrid looks, Even luke was staring at me, I have tell Logan about luke at some point.

After lunch I went to my next class unfortunately neither riley nor logan are in that class, I sat down in the corner as the bell went, the teacher usually comes late to class.

I brought out my novel to start reading, I smelt him before I saw him and looked up at logan’s face.

I felt my wolf stir at his presence but he did not affect me as much as he used to, that is wierd.

“What are you doing with that vampire”, He growled out, I did not like the way he was talking about Logan.” He is my friend”, I mummured but I knew he could hear me.” Friends don’t hold your waist, Zyla”, He growled out, the class was a bit busy so no one paid attention to us.

I moved back against the wall,” I never knew you were a slut”, He snarled in my face. His words hurt me and he was using his alpha tone, I was too scared to talk back. How can he call me a slut after everything he has been doing with courtney.” I am not a slut”, I said.

“What did you just say”, He said raising his voice at me, Of course everyone was looking at us now.

“I said I am not a slut”, I growled at him. I am so sick of all this, mates are supposed to love each other.

I heard it before I felt it, the sound of the slap echoing through the whole class, everyone gasped.

I don’t know what hurts more, the fact that he hit me or the pain.

“The next time you ever think of shouting at me, think twice”, I noticed courtney laughing at the back with their friends, some people looked away from us.

Logan left and went back to courtney, the teacher walked in and the whole class kept quiet,” What is going on here”, He asked. Nobody talked not even me.

I sat down using my hair to cover my face, I let the tears fall, I could careless what people think.

It was twenty minutes into the class,” Excuse me sir but Can I be excused”, I said as he came by me. He nodded and I carried my bag and left the class. I went to the toilet and locked my self in the toilet and cried.

the next period I was free and then the end of school, I stayed for awhile then left the school building.

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