Bitter sweet

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It has been two weeks since the incident with luke, I have been avoiding him more than usual, I also avoided riley and her questions.

Logan and I have gotten closer but the pain in my abdomen has increased, My bruises have been getting worse I have changed my sheets three times this week because of it was bloody, Logan noticed my posture, he knew I was hurting but I refused to tell him why.

I walked to school with logan by my side,” Princess are you going to tell me what is going on with you”, he said stopping in front of me. He has been trying to persuade me.

“Nothing is wrong with me”.

He put an arm around my waist drawing me closer to him, I felt the rush f sparks flowing through me. I blushed.

“Princess, you can trust me, I will be there for you always”, He said and kissed my forehead, I stared into his eyes again lost in it.

I was shocked when I felt his lips against mine, I tensed up a little remembering the last time with luke. He rubbed circles on my back and I relaxed enjoying the feel of his lips. I felt so many sparks and he was gentle.

He looked at me when we both pulled back,” I have waited so long to do that”, I blushed and hid my face in his chest. I heard him laugh and it sent shivers down my spine, I don’t care if it is wrong to have feelings for a vampire but I will savour this moment


I was currently heading to class with riley, with a spring in my step, I was so happy.

“So wha-at happened with the sexy vampire that you are practically glowing”, She asked wiggling her brows. I blushed.

“Spill the juicy details”.

“Okay, we kissed”, I said as we entered the class,” you what!!!“.

“OMG, I can’t believe you kissed the super sexy vampire that every girl is drooling over”

“Riley, not so loud okay”, I said as we sat down.

I saw luke at the back glaring at me, did he find out I kissed Logan.

“Earth to zyla”, She said waving her hands in my face, I turned to look at her.

“You thinking of Mr. sexy”, I just smiled at her and turned back to my desk.

I was walking by the bleachers with logan, when I felt it, that awful pain, I fell on the floor clutching my stomach. I clawed at it, I felt logan hovering around me,” Zyla, stop it, you are hurting yourself”, He held my hand, I screamed.

The pain was worse than before, I don’t even know what luke was doing.

I snatched my hand from logan and continued clawing at my stomach, It hurt so much, I could not take it.

I felt logan carrying me, I heard him saying something but I could not make out what he was saying, I saw dark spots cover my eyes until I saw complete darkness, I don’t know if I died but a part of me wished I do.



I was so annoyed by the idea of coming to a school full of werewolves just because the council, Are thinking of a peace between us.

I just had to suck it up, I had to prove that I had what it takes to rule, My father always told me ‘A good leader leads the people from above them. A great leader leads the people from within them’.

I entered the school that morning with a hard glare but the shock I got when I found my mate, the thing about vampires is that they get this attraction to one person and see an aura around that person, they see it at first sight so they know what type of character the person really has.

I noticed a petite girl with gold hair and the most strikingly blue eyes I have ever seen, Her aura showed a kind, shy girl but I saw a bit of red, which means the person has had it rough, As I walked closer to her I noticed that she was a werewolf and that shocked me the most, Her eyes widened with fear and she ran off.

It actually hurt me that she was afraid of me, I decided to ignore the feeling for a while but I couldn’t I had became attached to her, walking her to school.

I knew she was hiding something from me and any time I try to push her to tell me, she denies it. That morning when I kissed her, Was the best thing that had ever happened to me, I knew that at that moment I had to have her whatever the cost, She was my mate and mine alone.

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