Bitter sweet

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I have to come clean

Hello everyone how was the last chapter, I decided to have logan’s pov for the first time and I know y’all want one in luke’s pov, he’s a jerk I know.

sorry but I am going back to Zyla’s pov,let me tell you all a huge secret

it is so hard to write a guy’s pov so bear with me.

I tried to open my eyes but was blinded by white light, I heard someone’s voice, I opened my eyes again and the room was better. I looked around and saw Logan standing beside me, I also noticed that we were in the sickbay, I was not at all bothered because she was a werewolf.

“Do you want to finally tell me what happened”, I looked up at Logan and saw he looked pissed.

I guess I have to tell him I am sure the nurse had already explained some things to him.

Guess I have to come clean.

“You see, when one’s mate decides to sleep with someone else, the person will feel immense pain and because of the nature of a wolf , he/she tries to attack even if it is on themselves”, I finished and looked up at him.

His jaw clenched,” you have a mate”, He said, I noticed his voice cracking.

“Logan, I am sorry I didn’t tell you earlier I just didn’t feel like talking about my mate when he does not even love me”, I said and started crying, now logan is going to leave me.

He hugged me, I buried my face into his chest, enjoying the way he made me feel.

“Zyla, the way I feel about you, only mates can, werewolves and vampires don’t mate, I can’t explain it all I know is that I can’t bear to lose you”.

I was so happy when he said that, I don’t care anymore if he is a vampire, I think I am falling for him.

“I do not know why anybody in their right minds would want to cause you pain but they are going to pay”, I looed up at him and his eyes were flashing red.

I put my hand on his cheek,“I don’t want you to do anything Logan, it is just going to cause drama”, I said trying to calm him.” You have to tell me who your mate is, he has to pay”, He said trying to get up.

“If I tell you who it is it will not end well, please just calm down, I will tell you when you are in a better frame of mind”.

He sat down back and smiled at me,” Princess, you are so beautiful”, He mummured kissing me.

I loved his kisses they were not rough and it held so much love.



I am falling hard for Zyla, After she had been cleared I helped her get to her locker, I know I said I will calm down but I can’t help but get angry anytime I think of her dickheaded mate.

I don’t know how it is possible that we are mates but I am going to have to talk to my dad about this.

The next period Zyla had a class and I was free, I escorted her and went to the back of the school to meet up with emmett and ronald.

" Finally, I thought I had to drag your ass from zyla”, Ronald said, I smirked and sat down.

Ronald is always the cheerful one around us, He is my cousin.

Emmett is like my brother, if anything happens to me, he takes over, we have been friends since birth.

“I still can’t believe that you think a werewolf is your mate, The council will go beserk”, Emmett said, he is the most rational one in the group,” Emmett, she is my mate but as a matter of fact she does have a mate”, I said frowning.” Her mate is an asshole, he treats her like shit, she refuses to tell me who it is”, I said I am sure my eyes are turning red again.

“Woah, maybe it is good she doesn’t tell you, you might go and start a war with the wolves when we are supposed to be aiming for peace”, Emmett said while ronald laughed.

I calmed myself down, he is right.

Zyla’s pov

I sat in class beside riley, the teacher left to go and do something, I told riley everything.

“Wait so what you are trying to tell me is that you have two mates, One super hot sexy vampire and a jackass alpha”, She said,” what are you confused about girl, the super hot sexy vampire is obviously your pick”.

I face palmed, I swear sometimes talking to riley is like pouring water into a basket.

“Riley be serious, I need to get things straight, how is it possible that I have two mates not to talk of one being a vampire”, I said groaning in frustration.

“I say you let things go how they are, everything will sort out itself an make sense later on”, She said hugging me, I smiled at least the only thing that make sense now is that I have a super cool best friend.

So what do you guys think is the reason for her having two mates

At least now we get an insight into the character of emmett and ronald and if you also haven’t guessed I am a big fan of twilight

I am totally in love with it.

have a nice day and stay safe.

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