Bitter sweet

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My alarm went off and I quickly shot out of bed, I quickly took my bath and wore a green sweater and my pink shorts and put on my over worn canvass but this will have to do. Happy birthday to me. I rushed down and started making breakfast for the back. It was my number one job and if I ever miss it I will be punished by the alpha.

Jenny one of the omegas of the pack came out,“come on dear it is your birthday, you can’t be doing that besides it’s to early”, she said and collected the batter. “you know what they say jen, the early bird gets the worm, besides I never celebrate my birthday and I do not want truble with the alpha”, I said and started on the bacon.“this is too much work for a girl your age besides you are eighteen today don’t you want to find your mate?“.

I shrugged, I know about mates but all my life has been badluck I honestly do not have hope.

“ZYLA HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, Riley my one and only friend in the pack. We have been friends for as long as I can remember.“calm down riley, you know I hate attention”, I said as she pulled me into a bone crushing hug.“You are eighteen today and you will find your mate soon , you should be excited”, riley said taking a muffin and a bottle of juice and sat down.“Why should I be, I have always been disappointed for as long as I can remember, I will not be surprised if he rejects me”, both riley and jenny gasp. to reject a mate is very rare because of the bond.“do not talk like that dear, I understand how things are now,but I know your future is bright”.

“Yeah zy, do not think like that”, riley said and hugged me again. At least I know I am not totally alone. Riley brought out a box,“here zy , happybirthday”, I collected the box and saw a lovely blue gown and matching sandals.“how did you afford this”, I asked ,Riley’s parents were not very popular in the pack and I know they have had problems with money in the past,“I have been saving zy, besides I want you to have a real present on your eighteenth birthday”, i hugged her.

She is like my sister and I am so greatful for her.

“Ugh, are you done with the food”, I heard courtney say, I quickly moved away from riley and put her food and gave it to her.“nobody is your maid here courtney”, Riley said slamming her hand on the table.“ugh, when I become luna, you will be worse than an omega”, courtney scoffed glaring at riley. I put my hand over riley’s to shut her up.“you better listen to your friend, both of you are sorry shit”, courtney growled,“at least I am not the one forcing myself on the alpha’s son, when I am not even his mate”, I pulled riley and we both left the pack house and headed to school.

“you cannot always pick a fight like that riley, if she tells the alpha you will be punished”, I said as we walked. I love riley but sometimes she just does not know when to shut up.

“Is because we always keep quiet that she thinks she is better than us”, Riley said,“I cannot stand the way she sends you on errands like that, you are like age mates”, she growled stomping her feet. I mean I get what she’s saying but I am an introvert and not really outspoken.

We finally arrived at school and still had like forty minutes before school starts,“So what do you want to do”, Riley said as we arranged our lockers.“I just want to go and read a book, you can go ahead and go mingle, I am not interested”, I said removing my novel and sitting in front of my locker. she shrugged and left, she knows how I am when it comes to meeting new people.

I looked around and saw people laughing, our school is run by werewolves but humans go here, we are really good at acting natural, some other supernatural beings like witches and faes but they are very few of them.

I read my book enjoying my alone time, until I smelled the most amazing scent ever , I got up, I cannot believe I found my mate, I turned in the corner where the scent was the strongest and saw the alpha’s son eating courtney’s face. I cannot believe it that luke is my mate. I knew I shouldn’t have hope,nobody can love me. Luke stopped and looked at me, I couldn’t help the tears, I know I shouldn’t cry,especially over him but there is nothing else I can do. He walked towards me and dragged me into an empty class and I saw courtney and her group glaring at us.

“what do you think you are doing crying in front of them, I can see you are finally eighteen”, He growled in my face.I put my head down, He is so ashamed of me.“Don’t you ever tell anyone about this if you do you will regret it and fucking look at me when I am talking to you”, I looked up at him, I am sure I looked like a mess, I saw remorse in his eyes before he quickly covered it up.“We can never be, but if you tell anyone about this you will regret ever exist”, He growled in my face and left the room. I sat down on the floor. I honestly wish I was never born.

I sat down in my first class with people giving me funny looks, I came twenty mins late to class with a puffy face and red eyes. I ignored and sat down in the corner, I know riley is going to bother me about this but I could care less .

During lunch, I was exhausted, emotionally and physically. After every class I had cried in the toilet while I avoided Riley. People even started giving me funny looks as I came out. I did not have energy to face riley, not to talk of to eat. I dragged myself to my most favourite place in the world, the library to just relax, thank The moon goddess I am free next period.

After school, I waited in the toilet for everywhere to clear before leaving, then I dragged myself home,Now I have to just face my life and live it. I wiped a stray tear from my face, I do not want to cry again.

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