Bitter sweet

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the new guy

Today, I woke up feeling like a bag, I cried myself to sleep last night after the horrible pain I felt in my stomach, I clawed at my belly and I am sure there are huge bruises all over. I know why I felt the pain, because of luke. When a mate decides to sleep with another, the other mate is left to suffer. I got up and went to brush, I started to take my bath but avoided my bruised stomach.

I applied ointment on it before dressing up, in a soft sweater and a skirt

Luckily today, I do not have to make breakfast. I packed my bag and headed to school without riley. I know when I eventually run into her I am going to be killed but since I am already dead with the way I feel, there is no point. I kicked a stone all the way to school.

I walked to my locker, after reading a book at the library since I came an hour earlier. The librarian and I have really gotten close, her grandchildren are wonderful. So far she is the only other friend I have apart from riley. I removed my math textbook from my locker and shut it. I feel so tired, I do not even know why.

I walked down the hallway my head down even though I know no one will notice me,I heard squeals and growls from behind me and I turn to see what the commotion Is and I saw three super hot guys walk down the hallway, I smell for their scents and my eyes widened I moved back against the lockers vampires. The one in the middle looked straight at me. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from him, He started walking towards me.

Everyone was looking at the scene, so much for going to class unnoticed. I turned and ran into my next class sitting at the corner, I was so tired I can’t take all this stress anymore. I put my head on the desk because I was getting a little dizzy. I do not want to faint in school. I took in deep breathes and quickly drank water. Omg I have not eaten since yesterday, Riley usually reminds me to eat because I always forget.

“Zyla, you are dead meat”, Ugh speaking of riley. She stormed over to me and stop when she saw the state I was in.“oh my Gosh, Zyla, did you forget to eat”, she said helping me sit up, I nodded and she frowned,“zyla is something wrong, you have been avoiding me and I know”, She sat beside me. I did not want to break down beside her,“nothing I am just really tired about the work”, I lied. Riley always knows when I lie,“Okay, I have a sandwich, Take and eat fast before class starts”, She said and hands it to me. Wow, it’s either I have gotten better at lying or she decides to ignore my white lie. No, I opt for the latter.“Riley that is your breakfast, don’t worry, I promise I will get something at lunch”, I said and she nodded. The bell rung signaling the beginning of class.

Students piled in, then the teacher entered,“goodmorning students, today we are having three new students join our class”, The vampires walked in and some people gasped. I bent in my seat more. I noticed some werewolves getting defensive but I do not think they will cause a scene.

“So please take a seat and mingle, but no talking in my class”, She said and some students chuckled. Mrs. pat always says that but no one minds her. The guy from earlier looked staight at me. I put my head down, I am not ready to deal with all of this.

The guy sat behind me, I just pretended not to notice him. The class started, it was already twenty minutes into the class and I was having a silent battle with my self on sleeping and I could feel the guys stares through out.

The sound of someone hitting my table jolts me awake, I looked up to see Mrs.Pats frowning at me. I groaned my head was killing me. She walked to the front of the class to continue the lesson, I checked the clock and we still had twenty mins.“Had a rough night princess”, the sound of his voice sent chills down my back, but I snapped out of it and moved my chair forward a bit.

I wanted to say some snarky comment back but I did not have it in me.I just bent over my book and continued the lesson.


It was time for lunch and I dragged myself to my locker when someone slammed into me. I fell on my stomach and it hurt really bad. I placed my hand over it whimpering,“Bitch, blind and stupid”, I heard courtney’s snarky comment from above me. Luckily none of my book scattered, I stood up and put my head down.“hey babe”, luke walked up to her and kissed her. I couldn’t help the tears that flowed after,“courtney faced me and pouted,“Is the little baby gonna cry, you better leave before I actually do something worse to you”, she said snarling in my face. Luke put his hand around her waist and the look he gave, I ran all the way to the back of school and leaned on the wall to break down crying.

Everything hurt, My head, my belly. I laid my head on my bag, I know I promised Riley I would eat something but I can’t just go to the cafeteria, besides I am not hungry.


Unfortunately for me today we had P.E. I decided to change in the girls toilet cause I know every girl is going to be in the locker room. I walked into P.E exhausted. I sat down on one of the benches to get myself together, After this I will go into the woods and rest. I don’t think I can go to the pack house, besides it’s my of day.

The coach Mr. Mattews entered, “everyone gather around the class is starting”.

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