Bitter sweet

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I swear I am cursed

I stood up and stood at the edge, I do not really like being in a group of people, Riley rushed up to me,“hey girl, are you sure you can do P.E”, she asked looking at me concerned. I nodded and gave her a smile, I hate going to the nurse’s office.“First of we are going to run a three laps, then we will divide into three teams to go on an obstacle course, the team who goes across the fastest, will be given an A for the final semester grade”.

I groaned, nobody is going to pick me on their team, Riley laughed,“you should see, your face”, I frowned at her. She just dragged me to follow the group in running. My feet were killing me and some people had already finished, you will think for a werewolf I would have finished by now.

I fell on the floor after my laps. I couldn’t take it, I do not know if I could stand again. Everyone was chatting waiting for the coach again. I looked around even riley was having fun.“Are you okay princess”, the new guy came bending down in front of me. He looked so hot, I couldn’t help but stare. I snapped out of it, he is a vampire.

“you don’t talk much do you”, He said and sat beside me. What is he doing, I am going to get in serious trouble with my pack, I swear I am cursed. The human girls that usually hangout with courtney glared at me, even luke was eyeing the guy. I put my head down and tried to stand up.

I lost my balance and he caught me,“Princess be careful next time”, He chuckled and I moved back.“I am sorry”, I mumured and turned to walk away,“for what, I am logan”, He said and held my hand. Sparks shot through my arm,“uhm Zyla,“, I mumured then the coach walked in. I moved away.“So the people picking teams are luke, courtney and the new kid,Logan”.

Riley came up beside me,“So, you and logan right”, she said and I frowned.“No, He is a vampire Riley, did you see the looks people gave me, too much attention”, I said and turned back to listen to the coach,“So courtney, you chose first then logan before luke”. Courtney obviously picked her friend, ” Zyla”, I heard logan’s voice pick me. I looked at him shocked and shook my head, there is no way I am going to be on his team,“Renings you have been picked to you want an F”, Coach Mattews said looking at me. I swear I saw logan smirk. I walked and stood behind me.

Unfortunately for me, Riley is not on my team and logan’s vampire friends were. There are ten students in a team and the obstacle course was on the football field.

My Jaws practically dropped at the course, we had to climb a wall, do that tire thing, I do not know the name, tug of war and a race.I am getting an F. My team walked towards the front of one of the walls to start, there were only four girls on the team and I was the only werewolf. I eyed the wall in front of me. I am just going to sit down and get my F.

The other two vampires and one other human climbed up, the remaining three guys are to help the girls get up. Logan walked up to me,” Princess, I will carry you”, He said and smirked at me.” We are still going to fail, I do not know why you picked me, nobody picks me”,I said and looked down. I can’t talk to people and look straight at them, It has always been my weakness ever since my mom dad and my dad started treating me awfully.

“Princess do not ever look down when talking to me”, I looked up at him, I could not stop myself, His eyes where beautiful.“Besides I am not nobody”, He said and smiled at me. I know he is a vampire but he does not seem like what people say about vampires, he is so nice. I smiled back at him,“Let’s do this”, he said and helped me climb over the wall. I was shocked when we finished first and excited but it quickly shattered when I saw what was next.

Logan and friends started first and quickly walked pass it, then the girls.Some of the girls tried to show off but fell everyone laughed but I did not find that funny, I was scared, I started, I was halfway through when everyone finished and everyone was hurrying me up, so I fell on my stomach. It hurt so bad, I was so tired.

I managed to get up and make it over but the other team was in the lead.“Bitch I do not know why you are pretending but it is not cute”, one of the girls shouted at me. I put my arm over my hurt stomach, I saw a little blood on my shirt and I groaned.” Hey shut it, can’t you see she is bleeding”, Logan said standing beside me. I put my head down.

The coach said the first two teams from the tire run get to pull first, Our team was the second, unfortunately the girls only are to pull. Since our team has only four girls, only four girls from the other team,“Do you think you can do it”, Logan asked me. ” Of course she can, just a little cut”, The girl from earlier said and I nodded my head, I stood second when pulling the rope. The other team was courtney’s, so three of the girls where wolves, there was no hope for our team.

We started pulling, I tried my hardest but my arm was numb, I fell down and our team lost.

The girls grumbled giving me the stink eye. I lazily stood up and walked away from the field entirely, I was tired, I walked up to the coach showing him the blood and he let me go. I entered the locker room and quickly freshened up, By the time I came out, It was already over and my team came second.

I walked out quickly and to my locker. School will soon end I am tired. I sat in front of my locker and waited.

I saw luke walk towards me, no one was in the hallway yet,“Meet me by the pack training grounds after school”, He said and left as they rang the bell.

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