Bitter sweet

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He does not want me

I walked through the woods,following my shortcut to the training grounds, I couldn’t help but feel happy that my mate wants to talk to me. I hope he accepts me, I feel so sad anytime I see him with courtney. I have dreamt of meeting my mate and falling in love before my mother died but after then, My dream stopped.

I arrived there and rested on a tree and breathe in, I always loved the woods it is my second favourite place because I do not go anywhere apart from school except my of days tuesdays and fridays.

I saw luke emerge from the trees and I stood up, He came and pulled me to him,“I ahve been a dick, I should not have said that to you, ti’s just that you are an omega and it will really tarnish my reputation”, He said and I frowned and moved back. Why is he here if I just tarnish his reputation,” I am not even an Omega”,I said shouting a bit. I quickly put my hand over my mouth, I never shout at people,“I am sorry, Please, I will never talk like that again”, I said now crying a bit, I shouted at my dad once and even had the scars to prove it even the alpha punishes me when I Talk back, now here I am shouting at his son.

He moved towards me and wiped my face,“I know but please, I can’t keep myself away from you”,He said and slams his lips against mine. I was shocked, this is the first time I have ever kissed a guy, He put his arm around my waist. I felt his arm going up my shirt, I tried to move back but he forced himself on me.

“WHAT”, I heard courtney’s shriek and next thing I know, I am thrown on roughly onto the ground,“You whore”, I heard courtney shout. “Don’t you ever force yourself on me again, slut”, I heard luke shout to, I looked up at them some of their friends turned to look at the scene.” I knew you where not innocent, bitch”, she said and kicked me on my stomach.” Just wait till the alpha hears this”, She said. I got up and ran, to my favourite spot in the woods, I even cut my self on some trees.

I cried and sat down,I am so tired of everything. I can’t believe he treated me like that ,don’t I mean anything to him.

I managed to walk back to the pack house and I saw jenny in the kitchen, she came up to me,“What’s this about you trying to sleep with the alpha’s son, everyone is talking about it .

Courtney is threatening to tell the alpha and at this rate, the news would have reached him already. She helped me sit down, when I staggered a bit.“Jenny, I am scared, Luke is my mate but he does not want anyone to know, He told me to meet him and I did then he started to force himself on me but courtney saw and he pretended like I was the one,He said he was ashamed to say out that I am his mate”, I said crying all over. Jenny pulled me close,“I have never heard of a mate do that to someone, Honey, I do not know how to help you but all I can do is comfort you”, she said hugging me more,“Please don’t tell anyone about this or else I will be in a lot more trouble.

My dad stormed through the door and I knew I was dead. He came towards me and dragged me by my hair and slapped me,“You ungrateful Girl, How dare you tarnish my name in such manner”, He punched me in the stomach and hit me again, He threw me against the wall, I hit my head,“Dad, I am sorry, I am sorry, please stop”, I screamed he kept on hitting me,My vision started blurring,“Leave her alone Renings she is dying”.

I passed out.

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