Bitter sweet

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I woke up and saw light white everywhere, Am i dead,“Zyla,you are not leaving me anytime soon”, I heard Riley’s voice I closed my eyes and opened it , to see myself in the pack hospital.

Riley was standing over me smiling then she hugged me, My stomach still felt sore, so I groaned from the pain.“I am so sorry”. She moved back.“What happened”, I asked sitting up a bit. She sat beside me and sighed.“What is going on with you and luke, courtney told the alpha that you forced yourself on luke”, She said looking at me now.“I know you, you can’t even say goodmorning to him without passing out, Talkless of kissing him”, She said and I giggled.“I found my mate”, I said looking at my hands.“What, OMG that is so awesome but what does that have to do with luke”, “Luke is my mate”.

“Holy moon goddess”, She shot up from the bed and started pacing around.“He told me not to talk to him,then he said I should meet him around the training grounds”, I sniffed, “I was so happy walking through the woods, I thought he was going to accept me riley”, At this point I started crying.“When I got there, he said I am an omega and it could ruin his title, Next thing he kissed me,At first it was nice then he started touching me , I tried to push him off but when courtney saw , he pushed me onto the floor saying I forced myself on him”, I crien into my hands.

“Oh, Zyla, you don’t deserve this, All because that prick is you mate”, She growled out,“It was the luna that saved you, she came back today luckily or else your father would have killed you”.

The luna,I love her after my mother died she used to help me in anyway I can but after a while she started travelling and I suffered.“The alpha is going to punish me for sure, no one will even believe if I say I am his mate besides if I do that he will kill me”.

Riley hugged me until I fell asleep from all the crying. As I slept one thought came to my mind, that I will never be brought out of this misery unless I do it myself.


That evening I was meeting with the alpha’s family to discuss my punishment, you see if luke does not find his mate he is supposed to marry courtney, the Beta’s daughter, she is the strongest female in our age, so everyone gets on her goodside because she is soon to be luna.

I entered a room where the alpha and luna sat in the middle, luke and courtney sat together, and some of luke’s friend. Riley could not come but my dad did. He glared at me as I walked in. I didn’t bother to look at anyone else I was too scared.“You have really disappointed me Zyla, I did not believe you could try to do that with somebody’s mate”, The alpha king said. My wolf growled, that was the first time she came out since I first shifted and I was beyond shocked.

“Did you just growl at me”, The alpha king said walking towards me. I was scared, I did not mean to.“clinton calm down there must be a reasonable solution to all this”, The luna said coming to stand in front of me.“What other reason could there be to her kissing my luke”, Courtney shrieked. And that really pissed of my wolf, she took control and got up.

“I suggest, you find what’s yours and leave what’s mine because I will kill you if you claim my mate one more time”, She growled out. I honestly don’t know what is happening to me, My voice sounded different and my wolf was on the verge of shifting right there, courtney gasped moving back, If I were her I would have wet my pants.

The luna turned to face me and put a hand on my shoulder.“You have to calm down Zyla, if you react the way you want to , you might end up being banished “,She said in my mind. The luna’s touch usually calm’s down a wolf. I closed my eyes and my wolf gave me back control.

“I am so sorry, I do not know what got into me”, I said as she hugged me.I cried into her arms afraid.“Luke is what she said true, Is she your mate”, The alpha king asked. I looked up at luke, if he admits I may not be punished.“Father, I am honestly disappointed that you believe this girl, if she were my mate I would have claimed her by now”, He said looking at me with distaste.

MY Hert was truly torn,even my wolf howled in my head, It was so much pain but some part of me knew this was going to happen.“Zyla, I hate lies and because of that, you will work through out this week and next week, Hard labour as an omega”.

He and my father left the room and so did luke then courtney, who glared at me,“You can kill me now”,She said as she left the room. The luna wiped my face,“I know what you said was true only someone’s true mate can act like that even when one is about to be punished, I am so disappointed in my son but I can’t choose for him, he will regret it later,just take it in fate, you are a very strong girl and I really admire you”. She wiped my tears again and left.

I sat on the floor and cried, I am so tired.

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