Bitter sweet

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I have been doing a lot of work for about five days now, I barely have time for school, I use all my free period to do assignments in the library,Riley has done a lot, she always get’s me food and make’s sure I eat because the pack doctor said I was losing a lot of weight and suffering from malnutrition. I told riley about the nights I feel immense pain and she tells me that I should just go and reject him so I do not feel the pain but the problem is I cannot even stand to be near him, I have been avoiding him like a plague.

This morning as I walked to school with riley, I thought to myself that I have to move on,someday I will have the courage to leave that pack and join a new one, then I can be free and relax.

I entered the school building and we still had like forty minutes.“Riley, I have plenty assignment,I have to go and finish it before first period”, I said hugging her and going to the back of school to enjoy some me time and finish up my assignments.

“So princess, wanna tell me why you’ve been so scarce from school”, I jumped scared only to see logan smirking at me. I warily sat down back,maybe If I don’t talk back he will get bored of me.

I heard him chuckle and it was like music to my ears. He raised up my face to look at me and I blushed.I got up,I can’t talk to a vampire like this.“if you are worried about your pack princess,nobody is here,besides nobody is here”, He said. I just continued walking until I collided with a chest, I nearly fell but an arm caught me. I looked up and I net logan’s eyes, they were so beautiful, I was fascinated by the colour, a greenish grey colour.

His face was so beautiful, I put my arm on the side of his face and sparks went through my arm,I didn’t notice when he pulled me closer to him.“princess, I really hate when I am ignored”,He said and that pulled me out of my trance,I moved back,immediately missing his touch.“er-nothing,Pack problems”,I mumbled, my face was probably redder than a tomato.

“why do I smell blood”, he asked looking at my stomach. Dang vampires,I put my hand over my stomach. Nothing,I was not afraid because werewolf blood is poisonous to vampires and I am sure he has self control because there are humans here. He moved towards me, He looked straight at me daring me to move away,so I didn’t,vampires were faster besides I don’t think I can run.

He lifted my shirt a little and looked at the purple skin. I honestly don’t know why he is so interested in me. When he touched it ,I moved back. He stood up and looked at me,“So princess,nothing right”, He said, I think he was trying to be sarcastic.

“I do not have to tell you anything”, I mumured and hurriedly walked to the front of school. I walked inside quickly and went to my locker,I took out my books and went for my first class.

I was the first as usual, I sat down in the corner to finish up the assignment quickly.

As soon as the teacher entered I finished and submitted the assignment with the rest.

As I walked into the cafeteria that afternoon,I felt so strange, I almost never went to the cafeteria but today I promised riley I will come,I came with my own lunch, I saw riley at a table with plenty of people, I was scared, is she crazy. I decided to sit on an empty table in the corner,I said I will come not necessarily sit with her.

I ate my food and read my novel, I looked when I felt a presence beside me. I saw logan and I frowned. It is becoming really annoying how he tries to but into my life. I just want to end school,with no more drama.

He sat without permission, I looked around but nobody really noticed us apart from his friends,who were laughing. I don’t like this.

I raised my head and looked straight at him,“Someone’s sitting there”, I said but frowned when he laughed.“Princess, you look so fucking cute when you are trying to be bold”, I folded my hand and huffed.I was ready to leave.

“don’t think about leaving princess, I just wanted to ask if you are busy after school today”, He asked.I looked at him shocked,“Are you serious or are you pulling a prank on me”, I asked frowning. No guy or student apart from riley has asked me to hangout.

I honestly don’t want to get my hopes up. I stood up and left.

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