Bitter sweet

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Getting to know each other

I have finished my punishment and I was ready to relax, today I am going to go to the woods and read my book in peace.

I walked to school early without Riley, Mondays are usually Riley’s lazy day.

I arrived at school and went to my locker, I turned and saw logan. He trapped me against the locker. My heart was beating so fast, He put his face in the crook of my neck and sparks shot through my body,“Princess, you’ve been avoiding me and I don’t like it”.

He out an arm around my waist and pulled me close to him,“You better hold on princess”,“Wha-“.

We were moving through trees, I wrapped my arm around his neck bury my face in his chest. I was not scared, I just loved the scent of him and I felt safe. He stopped, I raised my head to look at where we were. I saw trees all around and we were ontop of a high rock. He sat down with me on his lap. I tried to move but he helfed me in place.“can I sit down”, I feel weired sitting on his lap.

“So, why did you bring me out here”,I asked trying forget about how weird I feel.“I asked you yesterday, to hangout with me but you ran off,again I really hate it when you run off princess”, he said bringing his face closer to mine,I gulped and put my head down.

“Princess, I just want to get to know you more”, he said raising my head up, I lost my self in his eyes. He smirked and I blushed bitting my lip. He stared at my lips,” stop that princess, it’s tempting”.
I put my head down, I was very flustered
“Can you feel this”, he asked placing his palm on my face. I felt Sparks rush through me from my cheek,“I feel it too, I don’t know why but I feel this urge to be around you”,“I have tried to ignore it but it is getting harder by the moment”.

This is so wierd you are only supposed to feel like this around your mate and besides vampires and werewolves can never be mates.” How about we get to know each other princess”, He said smiling at me. He looked so beautiful when he smiles.” Uhm, what do you want to know”, I asked not sure how to react around him,” let’s play twenty questions”, He said placing his arm on my waist. I blushed,“Wh-What’s your favourite colour”, I asked, I am so nervous right now.

He chuckled,” Common princess, as a vampire the only colour I like is crimson red, what about you”, He asked. I really don’t have a favourite colour but now that I think about it, I really love the colour of his eyes,” Your eyes”, I blurted out smiling. I was trying my hardest to try and get comfortable around him and do far I think it is working, He laughed and that made me blush the more and hide my face in his chest.


We were now lying down but my head was on his chest, he had told me a little of his vampire history, he was the prince next in line for the throne and the council brought him and his friends here as the first people to test how the relationship between vampires and werewolves can be resolved. I had dogded every question he asked about my family but honestly I did not want to talk about my dad.

I yawned,” Are you hungry princess, it is almost lunch”, I sat up so fast, I think I had a whiplash,” What I missed the first three periods of school.” I did not know we spent so much time, My dad will kill me if he hears this”, I said standing up in a hurry, I slipped but he caught me.” Princess calm down, We will just go for lunch after that continue your classes, I will make sure you don’t get in trouble”, He said and kissed my forehead, I instantly calmed down. I held on to him as he ran back to school.

We ha just finished lunch and the next period I had with Riley, I headed to class and sat by the corner, Riley later entered and glared at me,” Where have you been young lady?“, She said as she sat down. I smiled,” It is a long story and I promise I will tell you later”, I said just as the teacher walked in.

Today after school, Riley and I walked back to the pack house while I told her all about my time with logan,” What so you mean that vampire hotie is a prince and from what you told me, it’s like he is interested in you”, She said, I left out the part about his touch though, Riley tends to get over dramatic sometimes. ” Riley you always exaggerate things”, We finally arrived at the pack house and Riley left to go and change, I stayed in the kitchen to help jenna.

“Oh, hey bitch”, I heard courtney say from behind me, I have been expecting for her to attack me but she left me through out my pinishment, guess I am not always lucky.

“That little stunt you pulled with luke has not been forgotten, I do not know what game you are playing at but luke is mine and if you think you are fooling me with this innocent shit then you might as well be crazy you fucking slut”, She growled out and left, I put my head down and cried, Jenna comforted me.

The alpha king ordered a pack meeting and everyone gathered into the huge hall, On the stage stood the alpha and luna, Luke and courtney and the recent beta and his son.

“I am sure quite a few of you know of the vampires that visit our land, the council is trying to start a treaty between both werewolves and vampires so the crown prince Ivanov wil be coming tomorrow, we are to treat them as one of us, we shall not embarass our pack”, The alpha said and dismissed us. I walked back to my room thinking about what he said and I could not help the smile that came to my face.

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