Bitter sweet

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visit the pack

Today, all wolves were not going anywhere because any time there is a special occasion there is always huge planning and everyone has a role. I stood with the omegas as the luna was drafting the menu, Apparently not only logan and his friends but also his parents, I did not really mind all the work because all I could think about was seeing Logan. I just started feeling comfortable with him and he makes me feel special.

Unfortunately we could not supply any blood treat for them.

I was in the kitchen with jenny and three other omegas, we were making apple pie. I brought out the first batch from the oven and set it out to cool.” Zyla, you are very good cook for your age”, Jenny said. She was pouring the batter I just made into a pan. I smiled,” That’s because I had the best teacher ever”, I said looking at her, She chuckled.

We had finished making almost everything on the menu. They would soon arrive maybe in an hour and jenny told me I could go and dress up. I walked up to my room and saw Riley sitting on my bed,” Riley what are you doing here”, I asked looking at her wearily. She laughed and rushed up to me,” I am here to help you pick out your clothes”, She said dragging me out of my room.

" Riley, you know I don’t own anything nice”, I groaned,” Oh, I know that’s why you are wearing my cloth, I have already thought of the perfect outfit and it will fit you perfectly”.

When we arrived at her room she brought out a nice dress that was blue and pink and it looked like it could fit me. Riley is way taller than me, I was 5′2 while she was 5′6, So I thought the cloth will be too long for me.

" Riley it is beautiful, thank you”, I said, she folded it and put it in my arm,” Off you go and dress to impress baby”, She said moving me out of her room, I just laughed and left.


I finished dressing and decided to pack my hair in a pony tail, I wore my black flats to complete the look. I left my room and went into the straight to the hall, People were already sitted even the alpha and luna, I sat beside Riley and watched as the whole halls became silent as logan and his family passed through, They were escorted by some warriors, I just hope nobody causes a scene tonight.

" It’s nice to finally meet the Ivanov clan, It is a great honor to have you here this evening”, The alpha king said,” The pleasure is mine Alpha knight”.

The alpha started the festivities, So people moved around some tried to talk to the Ivanov family, Whereas I was called to serve the food, I was so annoyed I thought for once I would be included in the festivities. I stood behind the table with jenny and the other three omegas that helped us cook and we served anyone that came up to us.

It was very busy.

Courtney and luke walked up to me as, I honestly did not want to be insulted this evening and let my mood be completely ruined,” Pathetic, you are always going to be an Omega”, She growled in my face and practically dragged the plate from me, I bent my head, I honestly do not want to cry like this and disgrace the pack. I held back my tears and raised my head up, I saw luke look at me almost sympathetically before he left with courtney.

I managed to keep my tears at bay, the luna walked up to me,” How are you feeling Zyla”, She said smiling at me, I tried to smile back,” I am fine luna”, I said.

She just nodded her head,” Would you like to go on a break?“, She asked, I really smiled then and nodded my head, She laughed,” Go on then and enjoy the rest of your night”.

I was walking outside away from the ceremony, I had taken a two muffins to go, I did not really wander far off.” Beautiful right”, I jumped and looked around, I felt arms around my waist and nearly screamed but heard logan laughing.

I moved back and narrowed my eyes at him,” You really scared me”, I said frowning, He came up to me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

" You look beautiful princess”, He said and kissed my forehead,

I blushed and buried my face in his chest while he laughed again.

" Are you going to laugh at me all night”, I asked looking up at him pouting.” You are adorable”.

Logan and I laid down there in the woods, We laughed for a bit and now I was reading my book to him, He just kept quiet and stared at me the whole time.

I woke up and saw myself in my room it was three in the morning, How did I get here, I looked around and saw my book witha piece of paper on it, I picked it up

Sleep tight princess

love L.I

I smiled at the note but how did he know this was my room, I shrugged it off and went back to sleep, I fell asleep with the memory of me and loan laughing in the woods and for the first time in a long time I slept with a smile on my face.

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