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Love A beautiful emotion to feel and rejoice But sometimes this emotions can turn into shackles that will bind you, Rope that can strangle you and knife that will stab your entire existence. It can become the four walls that will forever trap you and no matter what you can never escape from it.

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Once upon a time, with a heart of shrine, the girl got lost in the woods.

She went in deep, hoping to find some peeps but it didn't do her good

She found someone with the appearance of sheep, but he wasn't how he looked

With a smile so soft, eyes gentle and deep, for he was actually crooked

Her love unripened, her heart in his keep, she guided him outside of his hood.

Clouded with delusion, blinded by affection, his misdeed went all unseen

But the day came by, his facet died, for his crime suffered out in a scene

his deception shattered, her tears splattered witnessing his hands dipped in his sins

She tried to scream, her heart filled with grim, as he hauled her back to his confine

Neither breath nor the death would be able to grant her the escape, as she was his to keep.

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