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I wandered my eyes around my flat in awe. It was quite big for a single person. With a living room, kitchen one-bedroom, and an attached bathroom the apartment was a luxury for a student.

Luckily it was already well furnished. Apparently the person who was renting the room before had agreed to leave the furniture behind if we were willing to pay for them and since it was a lot cheaper and easier than to buy new furniture Christian had happily obliged.

"I am not as lucky as you, I have to refurnish my entire flat" Christian complained and began to unpack our bag. Until he would buy all of his furniture, Christian would be staying with me which had brought a sense of relief within me.

"Everything looks so new" I commented running my fingers across the fancy table in the living room with not even a speck of dust over it. Whoever the previous owner was, I should admit his or her taste was really vintage and must have been a clean freak.

"Whatever, It was beneficial to us" Christian gave me a wide cheeky grin and then handed me a towel and body wash gesturing me to go for a wash.

Reluctantly, I dragged my legs to the attached bathroom of my room, which was as huge as my bedroom and began to undress. It was already past 9 pm hence all I wanted to do was sleep but Christian was always strict when it came to hygiene.

There was a huge mirror directly in front of the bathtub as well as besides making me wonder who the hell must have designed it. As I filled the tub with lukewarm water, I slipped into the tub then began to relax myself feeling the warmth of the water doing magic to my sore muscles.

Taking the handful of shower gel, I slowly began to rube it over my body starting from my breasts then slowly moving downwards when suddenly I heard a loud thud coming from somewhere inside the bathroom making me jump a little.

"Christian is that you" I called for him out loud but got no response.

"Christian !" I called him again but nothing but shuffling noises could be heard.

I don't know why but I panicked. Uneasiness bubbled within me so I quickly rinsed off the soap and wrapped my body with a towel but when I was about to step out of the bathtub the light went off.

"fuck" I whimpered feeling alarmed.

The darkness had completely enveloped me and I was left with nothing but my other sense to guide me towards the door. I slowly and carefully navigated through the darkness, touching the wall when my hand felt something rather soft and warm like a muscle against them rather than a cold marbled wall.

I jerked my hands backward as my breathing began to pick up the pace.

Someone was there. Even though I couldn't see it, I could feel its eyes on me. My heart shuddered and unconsciously I retracted my steps however due to my wet feet I slipped and fell on my butt with a yelp.

Just like my other senses, my voice was impaired as I tried my best to breathe properly in mid of the crisis my lungs were facing to pump air.

When I was struggling to put myself back together, the light suddenly came back, bringing my sense of vision along with it. With my eyes stretched beyond its limit, I whipped my head left and right however nothing but my own reflection could be seen around me.

"Tia" Christian knocked on the door and in adrenaline, I rushed to open the door and Jumped into his protective arms with tear-filled eyes.

I was scared. I had no clue what happened in the bathroom but I never felt so crept out in my entire life. I could fill a presence around me. I am not sure of what but there was something in there that I couldn't explain.

"Shush, Babe it's okay" Christian cooed holding my quivering body as tightly as possible and my voice finally burst out in form of loud wails of desperation.

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