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Alice and Tris fall in love in high school. They both have a secret love relationship. They both plan to go on a date, meet with an accident, which erases their memories. After the accident, they move to unfamiliar places and start their life afresh. Fate plays a game and makes them meet again. Will they both recognize each other? Will they try to regain their memories and reconnect?

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Angel, I’ll love you till my last breath “.

I woke up with my entire body sweating and tears running through my eyes. I can no longer handle this nightmare. I’m devastated over the things that happened and I feel numb with the grief and pain. I am drowning myself in the loneliness and hurt that life has given me.

Sighing, I turned towards the clock to see that it is almost time for me to get myself ready and push towards the tremendous job that I don’t want to go. Yes, I’ve been working as the Chief Finance Officer for Mr. Bowman for the past 4 years. Well, to say that I had been a part of his company and his family.

Mr. Bowman is a 60-year-old widower and has a son who is pursuing his management studies at the University of Boston. He visits Mr. Bowman every six months. I have never seen him in the past four years.

Mr. Bowman treats me well and somehow gives me my paycheck even though the company is not making much, and I’m content with what I’m earning and the job I’m doing. I live in Connecticut, an apartment two blocks away from my office.

My planner’s reminder blows an alarm, reminding me I have an important presentation. The deal was very important for our company in the present situation. I had to deliver the presentation above expectations and make them enter the contract, as many people’s lives are at stake with this contract. So I need to do everything that I can to make this contract happen.

With so many thoughts in my mind, I dragged myself from the bed to get ready for the presentation. I finished my morning business, took a hot shower, relieved all my tensions, and felt a little relaxed. Then I went downstairs to have my breakfast. Once I am done, I looked at my watch and reminded myself that I have only 10 mins to reach the office. I rushed up and picked up my MAC book and the required documents for the presentation. I picked up the keys of Aston Martin and left for the day.

I reached my office in the next few minutes. My assistant, Jane, greeted, and was taking me through the agenda for the meeting. I went straight into the meeting room and started preparing myself for the meeting. This is the meeting I was waiting to happen as this one benefited the company. Being in the field for many years, my company has gained a lot of goodwill amongst the competitors and is still running successfully. But when we tie-up with one of the most potential companies will give us much more exposure in front of the competitors.

As my thoughts were swirling in my mind, I realized that all the board members started flooding into the meeting room. Slowly everyone was at their place and was waiting for Mr. Adam to join us. After waiting for another 10 mins, Mr. Tristan Adam joined the meeting. I was awestruck in my place and couldn’t breathe.

I was having a panic attack!!

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