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Hey! My name is Anna. I am a popular girl. Every guy wants to date me, but i am waiting for a great guy that is going to love me for who i am, not for my look, popularity, friends or my smoking addict. Hope you enjoy my book

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

My name is Anna. I love romantic stories, mostly about a teenage boy falling in love with a girl. This stories make me feel like i am the girl that is the main character in that book or movie.

My favourite movie is “After”. I also have read the book, which inspired the film’s production. The book and the movie are both amazing and i have enjoyed every second of them. I love the way Tessa, a simple girl who had only one boyfriend and a very strict mom, imposes in front of Hardin. The way she is completely in love with him, but she is not that easy to convince. I also think that Hardin, a guy that has friends who smoke, drink and do drugs, a guy that doesn’t date, trying to go against his feelings for Tessa, but they end up together after lots of complicated situations they had to face in college.

In my school, i’m the good popular girl, that is kind to everyone. Every year, on Valentines Day, i get a lot of love letters and every week, there needs to be a guy that is trying to go on a date with me, but i’m not that excited about that. There is a guy, Jake Dawson. He is so mean to everyone. I can’t imagine why is he like that, but he has 2 friends: Axel and Chuck. I can’t believe they can even talk with someone like Jake. Jake is a good looking guy. every girl wish to date the bad and cool Jake, but not me. He seems like a heartless guy to me and when i try to talk to him, he would make fun of me and my friends, so i stopped interacting with him.

Now let me tell you how i look, so you’ll have an image in your head about how i look. I am a medium-high girl, with golden-brown hair, blue eyes and a big smile on my face. My friends are Sarah and Maya. Sarah is a short girl, with dark hair and brown eyes. Maya is just a little bit taller than Sarah, she has a dark and fluffy hair and black eyes.

You are reading this for the romantic side of it, aren’t you? Well, i didn’t had a boyfriend since 7th grade, because i realised that i need a handsome guy, a guy that would love me for who i am, not for my popularity or for my look. Sometimes i feel like that guy doesn’t exist, but i still hope for someone perfect. I have time, right?

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