The anonymous boy

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Chapter 2

Today I woke up with a big headache. My mood was like shit, and not even Sarah or Maya could help me.

I poured some cereal in a bowl and after 10 minutes I found myself in front of the closet. My headache got bigger after I just realized that i had nothing to wear.

After another 10 minutes i was wearing an Adidas t-shirt and some black jeans. I went to the bathroom to apply some mascara, then I said goodbye to my mother and went to school.

After the first class, i was tired so i could get come sleep, but i had 5 more classes to attend.

In the big break i was sitting with Sarah at the table to eat our lunch. Then my bag fell off the chair and i had to put it back. I swear... After 000000.1 seconds, a guy came and took the backpack and handed it to me. No one saw who he was, because he was wearing his hood on his head. I was looking at my back pack because it had something on it and i cleaned it and the next second, I was going to say "thank you" but the guy left the room.

- Did you see who he was, Sarah?

- No...i couldn't, i was playing on my phone, sorry.

All day i was wondering who he was but i stopped thinking about that guy.

My mom made us a wonderful dinner. It's always been me, my mom and my sister. My dad died. When i asked my mother how did he died, she would start crying, so when i was 15 i didn't asked about him anymore. My sister, Sam, came to me 1 year ago and asked me "where is daddy" and i couldn't answer her because I didn't knew the answer, but i told her that "daddy is now with us anymore, but i know for sure that he would've been very happy to see us grow.". To be honest, my eyes were filled in tears, but she understood.

I was going to bed when my phone got a notification. I ignored it. Then the *beep* was back so i checked it. Instagram got high school students a challenge: "Write on a small piece of paper some lovely words to a person you like and leave it in a special place, where you know that girl/boy would be (because if it's special, we bet you know where that person spends his/her time the most). "

It was interesting, but not for me. As i was saying, i get around 50 notes every Valentines day and all of them are from selfish people, but i'll be very cou

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