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What happens when a stranger rushes in your life and you fall in love with them? What happens when both will fall in love with them again but destiny holds a different ending? Watch my latest romantic short story and fall in love with Arundati and Sanjay's love story. Will, they ever meet and if they meet will they last forever? To know more, read my story

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

There was a very beautiful girl with blonde hairs, fluffy cheeks, rosy skin and I was so much attracted to her from the first sight. She was very strong and curvy with that big ass and big beautiful eyes which struck and got marked in my heart forever. I met her in Marine drives and it was the most beautiful and the worst thing happened to my destiny. I was in love with her. Once upon a time, I was sitting down near the shore of Marine drives which is located in Mumbai, India. I was watching beautiful waves of the ocean feeling the beautiful cold weather there hugging me and I was so happy. That same day this girl came running to me as if she wants instant help from me. I was mesmerized by her big green eyes watching me. She asked, “Can you help me? I don’t know how to order a cab from my mobile phone. Can you just help me booking a cab?“. I don’t know why but I agreed to her by nodding my head like a stupid. Instantly she gave her phone to me and I taught her how to book a cab from mobile with my little knowledge about online stuffs to help her. That moment I felt a PAUSE as her soft arms were touching me. My heartbeats were dancing with my soul like a melody playing from inside and it felt so real. It felt LIKE FOREVER. Soon she thanked me and after a few talks cab arrived at that place and she went inside it giving me a last goodbye and the biggest heartbreak. I wished this moment to last longer than forever but she went and my heart was pounding to know more about her. I wanted her to be mine for a little bit more time, but I can’t. I sighed because my heart was wishing to be with her together someday, somehow, somewhere just make her mine.After that moment, a year passed, still she was in my head fresh and beautiful. I don’t know what magic spell she did to me with those big beautiful eyes and curves, my heart still remembers her. Months passed but the feeling to be with her together and make her mine was still the same and the urge got stronger by time which made me hard to survive without her. I felt holding her soft yet strong hands on me forever and bed to her to never leave me. I was truly in love with her. It was a strange love yet the best one which I wasn’t sure to become a reality.One day I was sitting at a pub, all alone thinking about her. My mind was blown with such a beautiful coincidence when I saw her again. She was sparkling like an angel on a devil’s shoe in a black glittery dress, her eyes were looking more gorgeous with mascara and smoky eye-shadow. Her soft hair waves, hot dance grooves and everything was just so right with a song playing in the background of a pub. I checked and my breath quickly and went to meet her again with my nervousness. I was a little worried that she would freak out seeing me again or think that I am stalking her. While walking towards her I set my black hairs, checked my breath again gave a final look at myself from selfie camera. I wasn’t looking bad with my lean muscular body with sharp brown eyes after all. I went close and tried to walk like a gentleman to impress her obviously, she is the one and only girl I want my life with and I can’t slip this golden opportunity. She saw me approaching her and she recognized me. I was a little shocked when she gave me a warm hugged. That hug felt amazing and like a dream come true. Her warm and soft body perfectly fitted mine like gloves. Maybe she hugged me as a pending gratitude for helping her or maybe she was in love with me too? Oh God, I am thinking too much. When she hugged it was a BOOM! felt like a supersonic firework in my heart, everything paused and felt just right with that song playing so romantically in the background.I had so many things to ask and so many things to say but when I finally met her all words disappeared in my mouth like a sweet silence. I didn’t expect to meet her but here we are! I was so desperate to say that I was missing her so much but I didn’t get the right word to say in my mouth and I gulped every thought as I saw her in front of me like an unexpected dream to come true.We talked till night and I found out her name was Arundati Sharma. Ridiculously funny to say that she’s Sharma Ji’s hot daughter! I introduced myself as Sanjay Chopra. After a while, we exchanged numbers and we quickly turned into amazing friends hoping to turn into love soon.In less time, our friendship got so deep for each other that she used to ditch everyone only to me to talk to me. Right from adventures to late-night talks with her, I never got bored of her. She was an amazing women and the more I knew about her, the more I fell deep for her in love. She used to cry on my shoulders, we cuddled happily, wipe each other’s tears when we talk about something sad and some sensitive moments of past. We knew each other so well that it felt like forever and I want her to be with me for eternity.She was single so was I and it was like God’s way to put both of us together. In my case, I didn’t get any opportunity nor she got an opportunity to talk about this love stuff still we always felt secure within each other, we always felt we are forever, we are best friends and she are the best thing of this world...holding her hand and roaming around the world with her is such a heavenly a beautiful thing. I could never imagine living without her and I hope she thinks the same...On one fine day, the rain started pouring and we rushing around everywhere looking for shelter. We got heavily wet and she started getting cold. So, I gave her my jacket to keep warm like I saw in those Bollywood films but still it didn’t work because my jacket was of no use as it was wet too. In some walking distance, we finally found an old age home. They were looking at us with a warm smile. I guess they have felt like something is going on between us. I mean they are right though, I was definitely in love with her but she is unaware of it. They welcomed us and gave some of their dried clothes to wear with hard coffee to drink. These cute and gorgeous grandmas was smiling at so cheerfully that it didn’t felt like they were treating us like a couple rather they were treating us like their son and daughter. I wonder how their kids left them like at so cruelly.There a lady approached us with a smile and blessed us for beautiful future together which made me blushed and I went to all-new shades of red when she told Arundati to keep me happy and care for me. She told her as if she’s explaining to my wife which made her blushed too. She was looking into me like she wanted to tell me something and I know something that was my gut feeling was trying to say that she feels the same butterflies as me hearing those. The moment turned quite awkward but her blushing rosy cheeks was looking so cute, I wish I could compliment her. Finally after getting warmed up and wore back our clothes which finally dried and rains thankfully stopped. We were walking back our own houses but there was an awkward silence between us and her silence and self-expressions were telling me she was confused like me. She was questioning herself and mumbling questions to herself but I don’t know what she was telling. Days passed and we didn’t talk since that day went so awkward and I was quite worried about her. Why did she stop talking? Does she hate me now after all this?

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