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Ari is just a regular teenage girl , who is working and trying to have some fun before the "adult" life begin. Austin is a member of a band that is trying to become one of the best. The day when they will shoot their first video will change not only the bands life , but also Ari's .

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

Hi everyone ! This is my first story , hope you like it . Please share you thought with in the comments.

It was mid spring and I just have changed my job - from working in one local shop I started working in another. I needed the money ,not that they were much more than what I would previous would earn , but still. I needed them , I couldn't ask my mom to give me some cash every time I wanted to go somewhere or just to buy some useless stuff. For me it was already embarrassing asking. If I could start working even earlier I would do that , but you know I don't do illegal stuff.

So I am 18 years old not very tall , but normal height girl with blonde hair and green eyes (I always said that my eyes are green even though most of the people said that they are blue). My best friend ,that is still working in my previous job, looks quite similar to me. Everyone though we were sisters. In fact we were sisters from different parents. We used to live together and if you ask me it was a journey that help us a lot to be the people that we are today.

It was Monday and I hate Mondays especially if you live like us. We would go to every damn concert that was happening in the city, even though we knew that the next day will be the true hell for us to wake up and go to work. This Monday was the worst (well every Monday is the worst for me). Anyway I heard my alarm and in the fear of missing it I jumped out of bed and went straight to the bathroom for some cold as ice shower so I could start functioning. After that I start picking my outfit (I hate this moment , you know every girl in this world has nothing to wear) . I ended up with pair of black ripped skinny jeans and white baggy T-shirt. I put my Nike Air Max sneakers on I was literally running to the bus stop. After what I though a year , but was actually 15 mins, I was already in the shop. I saw my boss as usual looking at me as I was the biggest disappointment of this world. Anyway I went to the back and start doing anything I could do , just not to go out and speak with her.

The day went as usual - slow and boring . Now I was waiting for my BFF, who's name by the way is Eva, to come pick me up and go to our favorite bar and drink some beers. Thank God we were living in a Country that allows you to drink when you are 18.

So here she was running and I was like "Wtf?" I know we had crappy jobs, but still running LOL.

"Hey what's up ? What's with running? " I ask still laughing

"I ..I.. just ...omg I'm dying.." she tried to answer , but I just could't stop laughing and minute later I was breathing just like her.

We headed to the bar and just talking how our day went.

"Oh for Christ sake , Ari, why are still working for that B'ch ?! " She was mad I could see that .

" Well you know I just started and obviously you should know that not every person on this planet is suppose to like me . Anyway she is the one giving me the money so I'm staying .. at least for now." I sigh " But if you have a better idea please share it with me ." I look at her and she was just trying so hard not to laugh

" You know I just wanted to see if you will let me kill her ,but " Noo my name is Ari and I am such a good person and I let everyone to treat me like shit" , but you know this is why I love you babe. " she was laughing and I hug her . She was my Best Friend and only friend.

We enter the bar and of course our favorite bartender Mike was on shift. He was tall with short dark blond hair and brown eyes . If I didn't knew him well I would most probably fall for him, but he was way out of his mind. I 'm just kidding he was really nice guy , but only for those who he cares for.

"Hey Mike" we shouted in unison.

"Hey girls, so nice to see you today! Whats up?" He waved and his charming smile shine through the dark light of the bar.

"Mike where are everyone , why we are the only here .. well except that it's Monday." Eva asked

"Today one of the local band is going to shoot a music video in here , or a part of it I don't remember and actually I don't care " He chuckled.

"Oh well if they are going to shoot , maybe we shouldn't be here " I felt a little worried. I don't want to disturb them. I couldn't manage to close my mouth when Mike started trowing things at me.

"One more time I hear you say or even think that you or Eva are disturbing someone , I myself will disturb you ." Mike said looking furious. I shut my mouth and look at Eva who was laughing on bar .

"I am sorry .." I said and put my puppy eyes look .

"You are so sweet , seriously " Mike said giving me the beer.

We were at the bar chatting , when we heard that someone entered. We look around and that was the moment I saw him. His face was so familiar , but I couldn't remembered where from. He said "Hi" to Mike and this is when it hit me . That was the guitarist from that band that I don't remember the name of but it was really cool one. He was around 6'2 with big broun eyes , his whole , well fit body was covered in tattoos (at least I think its the whole body) . He was gorgeous.

I caught myself staring when Eva pinch me.
"heeey Earth to Ari , what's going one" she asked me

"Nothing, lets just order one more beer " I said looking for Mike ,but he was talking with the guys from the band. I tried to wave him , but it was useless . So I went and grab a beer myself.

After an hour I was already feeling myself a little dizzy and said to Eva to go home , but she just ignored me . I start putting my stuff in my bag when I heard his voice and my heart stop . I couldn't move.

"Girls I am sorry for disturbing you , but we left some shots after we finished filming do you want some of them because we cant drink them all" Omg I couldn't breath ,but now I couldn't figure out why. Is it because of his voice , or because he thinks we are some drunkies.

"No thank you we don't drink that shit" Eva said without looking at him and I just wanted to say something , but I couldn't .

He place his hand on mine and look me in the eyes.

"Well than once again sorry for the disturbing you ." he smile and than they left the bar.

Now I could start breath normally.

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