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Chapter 6


I call up Everly's dad. My heart was pounding hard against my chest. But I had no time to back out as I heard a deep vibration of a man's voice answer.

:: Phone call::

Karl: Hello?

Erik: H-hey!

I stutter feeling so nervous.

Karl: Speak up I can't hear you.

Erik: Sorry um...this is--

Her dad cuts me off.

Karl: Tattoo neck guy?

Erik: Haha, yeah.

I ran my jand hands over the back of my neck.

Karl: What can I do for you?

Erik: I was hoping to ask for your permission to ask out Everly.

Karl: Let me be straight with you...I don't know you from Adam. But my daughter has taken a liking to you. So if your intentions are anything less then giving her the world I say see you man and don't come around here.

Erik: I hear you loud and clear.

Karl: She's our daughter and she's very special so if you hurt here there will be hell to pay.

Erik: I understand.

Karl: What's your name?

Erik: Erik Carrington.

Karl: The Erik of Carrington Enterprise?

Erik: Yes!

Daddy who are you talking to? I heard Everly's talking in the background.

Karl: Salesman

Really? She said.

My heart fluttered hearing her voice.

"Let's play a game if you guess it right you get to talk to this person." He informed her.

"Oooh. I love the games. Okay. Go! She said excitedly.

"I will give you 5 clues and then you have to guess." He tells her the rules.

"Okay. Five clues. I can do this." Her voice was filled with playfulness and joy. Damn, she's adorable.

"Number 1- Male." He said.

"Okay, He's A male."

"Second, horse carriage." He said.

"This is easy. It's Erik!!! She sounded so happy.

"Hahaha, you got it." He praised her. You can hear the love he has for his daughter.

"Hahaha...shut up!! really really??

She sounded so happy it made me smile hearing her so enthusiastic. She has a way of making me feel good.

"Yes. Would you like to talk to him?

"Yes yes yes yes yes!! Aaahhh!!

Everly: Hello...hi...Erik??

Erik: Hahaha, hey Sunshine.

Everly: Oh my goodness you're really on the phone.

I could feel her smile through the phone. My stomach tingled hearing her voice.

Erik: Yes!

Everly: Why were you talking to my dad??

Erik: Just some guy talk.

Everly: Bikes and beer??

Erik: I asked him if I could take you out.

Everly: Really?

Everly: I want to live with you.

"And we are done." I heard her dad step in.

'Sorry I didn't mean to." She apologized.

"You can't say that." He said with authority

Erik: Hello??

Everly: Erik, so sorry. It slipped out.

Erik: It's ok. So you want to live with me?

Everly: Yes. But my parents and brother said no."

Erik: Probably wise.

Everly: My mom said I should move out on my own so I just thought I would ask you but I can't so...

Erik: I don't even know what to say. But why don't we start by going out on a date?

Everly: Like what kind of a date? Like dinner, lunch, breakfast?

Erik: Dinner.

Everly: I'll have to see if I can go.

Erik: Dad can I go out for dinner?

Everly: What day and what time?

Erik: How about Friday at 6 pm I'll pick you up?

Everly: Let me ask.

I wait in anticipation, I heard her ask her dad and he said that was ok.

Everly: Ok. I can go. What restaurant? Cause I am very picky.

Erik: What's your favourite restaurant?

Everly: Pizza House. They have the best stone over pizza ever. It's so so good.

Erik: Wow. Well, that sounds great.

Everly: What should I wear, so I know? I like to be prepared.

Erik: Whatever you are comfortable with.

Everly: Okay so jeans and a tank top and my hat?

Erik: Perfect. Can you do me a favour and wear your beautiful smile?

Everly: Oh definitely. Do you like a lot of makeup or a little?

She looked so beautiful today, she has this flawless completion her makeup was done beautifully not too much but enough that it enhanced her natural beauty.

Erik: Just how you had it today I saw you.

Everly: Okay. I learned from Youtube.

Oh, get this I am going to start my very own Youtube Channel."

She sounded so excited about whatever she talked about.

Erik: Wow. Sounds interesting. What will it be about?

Everly: My photos and sketches.

Erik: I like that, if you need help getting it set up I'd gladly help.

Everly: Oh Okay. Do you know a lot about computers?

Erik: Yes.

Everly: Cool! Well, it's 9 I have to go to bed. But I will see you Friday at 6 pm for our date at Pizza House.

Erik: Sounds good Sunshine.

Everly: Bye Just Erik.

She giggled as she hung up and I can't believe I just did that but I felt so excited. Like I just won the best prize.

She's cute when she just goes off about something I can tell she gets so excited.



I arrived home and entered my house. I have two roommates Jordan and Ottis. We've known each other since Middle school. We work together and have just really stayed close over the years.

"Hey man," Ottis said as he sipped his whiskey.

"Hey! What's up with the goofy grin, Jordan asked sitting up to get a better look at me.

"You will never guess the day I had."

"You look different?? Ottis brought me over a beer.

"Yeah what's up with you? We head outside. Jordan passed out of the joints.

He lit his up then tossed the lighter to me.

"Just happy guys. I met this woman."

"Another one nighter?? Ottis lights his up.

"No. Like an actual real woman, I want to date longer than two days. Like an actual possible relationship."

"You do know what dating means right? Jordan laughed at me.

"Fück you! Yes, I know what dating means." I slap him in the back of the head.

"I don't know man, are you ready for just one pussy? Jordan laughed like he doesn't believe I could do this.

I down my beer then heads inside I swing open the fridge door and grabbed another beer. I twist the top off and toss the lid into the sink.

I jumped up on the counter and took a seat and swig of my beer.

The guys walked over.

"So what makes her different? Ottis asked as he filled his tumble with more whiskey.

"She's just got this easy low key vibe."

I try and express what she's like.

"What does she look like? Jordan asked.

"Fucking gorgeous. Like I can't believe there is someone so beautiful." I can just picture her stunning face her gorgeous figure and her brilliant demeanour.

"Are you fucking with us? Ottis laughed then took a swing of his auburn liquid.

"No. She's like drop-dead gorgeous." I said impressively.

"You are crushing bad."

"Do we get to meet her? Jordan asked.

"We have a date on Friday. If she wants I'll bring her by after to meet you guys. But please behave."

"We always behave." Ottis chuckled.

"Hahaha. Right? And I'm the Pope."

"We will be good," Jordan said.

"Thank you. She's not like anyone I have ever met."

"Happy for you man." Ottis pats my back.


"What does she do for work?

"She works at Sip."

"Our coffee shop?

"Yes! I nod my head as I sip my beer.

"We will have to pop in."

"What's her name? The guys asked.


Jordan gave me a weird look.


"Everly Nightingale? Jordan rubbed his face with his hand.

"Yeah." I looked at him strangely not understanding.

"Damn. You do know that's Karl Nightingale's, daughter?

"The MC guy?

"Yeah." Both guys nodded their heads in response.


"Just don't fück up." Jordan laughed hysterically.

I grab another beer and go back outside. I hope her dad isn't as bad as I think he is. I don't know him personally but I do know he's part of an MC. Not gonna lie I'm freaking out a bit.




I was a mess. Never having gone on a date I am freaking out.

"Mom??? I called freaking out, she walked onto my room.

"What? She said calmly.

"I can't do this." Tears ran down my face my body was shaking. I don't know what I'm doing. What to wear, or how I should do my hair or do I try something different with my makeup or just leave it.

"Why? She took a seat on my bed and pats the bed beside her. "I take a seat."

"Cause. I don't know what to expect."

"Don't expect anything. Just enjoy it." She said easily so I don't worry. But how can I not?

"Just enjoy it. Okay." I repeat out loud a few times trying to get it to resonate with me.

"Does this look good? And tell me the truth? I stand up and fiddle with my top.

"It looks great, you look beautiful."

"What if he doesn't like it? I was hyperventilating.

"Everly, calm down. He's not taking you out because of what you wear. He likes you."

My mom talks me down from my complete meltdown.

"So if I went naked then he'd really be happy?

"Oh for crying out the loud child. Are you trying to give me a heart attack?

"No." I giggled.

Ding dong

"On noooo...I'm not ready. He's early. What time is it? I said anxiously.

"It's 10 minutes to 6." My mom checked her watch.

"That's 10 minutes early. I wanted to look extra special."

"You do."

"I look the same." I hang my head low so worried.

"Don't try and change who you are Everly. He likes you for you."

She lifts my head up with her hand.


"No. Stop. Now move it." She instructs me.

"I need my bag and my shoes, and my phone." My voice comes out high pitched and squeaky.

"Your shoes are by the front door, your bag is hanging on your chair at the kitchen table and your cell phone is in your left side pocket in your bag."

My mom speaks calmly.

"Ok. I can do this." I let out a shaky breath.

"Yes, you can."

"Everly Erik is here." My dad called up the stairs.

"I know dad. I heard the doorbell." I called back. I quickly grab my hat and ran out of my door and closed it. I counted the steps but this time I see Erik and I miss count. Shit. Wow.



"Hey, beautiful." Erik smiled at me his eyes were wide open and his mouth hung open, making my inside intensify with tingles.

"Hey, Erik. You look very handsome. Did you buy that shirt new or did you have it already? Shit, I am rambling.

"I bought it new. Do you like it?

"Yes. The grey shirt brings out the dark contrast of the slight grey lines you have in them."

"Thank you. You look beautiful."

"Do you like it?? I give a spin. Feeling pretty.

"Very much." He winked at me.

"I bought this top especially for tonight."

I wanted to try something different for Erik. I don't usually feel comfortable in something new. But the way he was looking at me made me feel really good.

"I love it." Erik stepped forward and pulled out a bouquet of pink roses from behind his back.

"Are these for me? My cheeks rose with heat.

"Yes." He nods.

"Wow, these are so beautiful." I lift them and take in there beautiful floral scent.

"I love them so much. Thank you."

"Erik, I'm Luanna." My mom introduced herself shaking his hand.

"It's nice to meet you, Luanna." He said kindly.

"She's my mom."

"Figured you two look alike, you could be sisters."

"Well, aren't you sweet! My mom smiled wide at his compliment.

"Hahaha, we are not sisters. My mom is like old."


"Hahaha, Erik burst out laughing along with my dad.

"Okay. We should go or we will be late."

"Bye, sweetie."

"Don't wait up."

"Oh, I will be...Erik 9 pm."

"That's right that's my bedtime."

"Do you turn into a pumpkin? Erik teased me.

"Hahaha no. It's just my bedtime. I go to bed every night at 9 pm."

"How about 10? Erik asked.

"Oh no. I can't." I shake my head.

"Everly why don't see how the night goes? My dad reassures me.

"Mmm, ok. Maybe we can have a sleepover."

"No." My parents both said in unison.

"But what if I want to?? I meant to whisper but it came out loud.

"Sweetie. Do what you are comfortable with." My mom said.

"Tonight I will bring you back." Erik nodded at my parents.

"Okay. But next time sleepover. I can bring my PJs and night light."

"Everly, stop dear." My mom shook her head at me.

"She's just excited, babe." My dad rubbed my mom's back.

Erik leaned in and whispered. "Let's go, Princess, your chariot awaits."

"Ahhh. Like a real one?

"No. But how about this...

He guides me down the walkway towards a really nice sports cars, very shiny and sleek looking. The nicest car I have ever seen.

"That's shiny. Very pretty."

"Nice ride Erik." My dad said I know my dad loves cars.

"Thank you, Sir." They shake hands.

"Call me Karl. Drive safe."

"Will do. Bye Luanna." Erik waved.

"Bye Erik."

Erik opened my door for me.

"The car doesn't bite."

"Ok. It looks too pretty to sit in." I admire the very clean and posh interior.

"Don't worry." He ensured me.

I take a seat he closed the door. I tapped my heels together.

"Shit." I scrambled out of the car and ran inside. I had completely forgotten my bag. I ran back out and took a seat beside Erik.

"Sorry. Can't forget my bag." I breathe fast.

"You got everything?

"Yes. Shoes check, bag, check, phone check. Hat Check."

He pulled out of the driveway. I held tightly to the handle. I looked out the window watching the houses go by and the trees. I worry about what to say. I chewed on my nails. Talk about the weather.

"It's a beautiful night...

"It is. How's the new girl working out at work.

Since Erik fired Sally, he hired a new girl. She's nice but it's only been a few days so I'm sure I'll cause some scene where I embarrass her or cause her to think I am a freak.

"Remy, she's nice." I play with my top then my hair fidgeting.

"Good. You tell me if she's not ok?


"You look really nice Everly." He turned her head slightly to look at me. His compliment made me blush.

"I looked online on how to dress for a date."

"And this is what they said? He turned down the stereo and gave me his undivided attention. My eyes scan his handsome face, his amazing tattoos. My eyes follow down as I check him out. His body was very nice to look at. I don't usually feel comfortable with new people but with Erik, I want to touch his body.

"It said wear stuff that accentuates your assets...that means your ass and boobs." I giggled saying ass and boobs.

"Hahaha. Really?? He chuckled, he had a deep rattle vibration in his chest when he laughed.

"Yes. So I picked this top cause I thought it made my boobs stand out." I covered my mouth now feeling embarrassed at what I just said.

"Hahaha. You don't need to impress me, Everly."


"No. I already like you."

Aww, he really likes me.

"On sale from 1-10, how would you rate that you like me? 1 being zero 10 being extreme."


He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel.

"11." He said.

"Hahaha, there is no 11." I laughed.

"Why not? I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. I think that you definitely deserve an 11 and you look an 11."

"Really? I can't believe this guy.

"Really! He brushed his pinky against mine. I smiled feeling giddy. This hot guy that I was actually going on date with and he seems like he means it.

But I need to not get ahead of myself.

Erik pulled into the parking lot at the Pizza house. He turned off the engine and walked around the car and opened my door.

"Would you let me hold your hand? He asked.

I thought about this and I actually wanted to. I can do this.

"Mmm, ok." I nodded my head. I extend my hand and he placed his hand in mine.

"You have a nice hand," I confessed.

His hand felt soft and large and warm, and the best part was it didn't freak me out.

"I have two of them." I looked over at him and see his expression showcased his mouth in an upturned smile. Even near his eyes, they looked like they were glowing.

"Let's see if they feel the same." I stepped in front of him and placed my other hand in his.

"Okay, they both feel the same."

"Better than Edward Scissorhands." He smirked.

"Hahaha. Oh, that would be so bad."

"I've watched the movie 162 times..." I mentioned.

"Wow. So you really like it?

His thumb brushed over my hand making this tingle burst in the pit of my stomach.

"I like it but it's not my favourite."

"What is your favourite?

"You're going to laugh. It's E.T."

"I love that movie."

He opened the door and I stepped in he slid his hand around my waist.

"Just in case you fall." He winked at me.

"Right. Good idea." I giggled feeling his hand on my body.

Erik guided me to a table and pulled the chair out for me then pushed it in once I was seated.

"Thank you," I said as I looked down at the table and pushed the cutlery off to the side. I opened my bag and pulled out my own cutlery from home. I even brought my own plate and a cloth napkin. I am a little OCD about what I eat off of and with.

"Don't trust restaurants?

"I just prefer my own from home."

"So I wanted to ask you if you would want to meet my friends?

I looked up and briefly, looked him in the eyes.

"Mmm...are they nice? I fidget in my seat starting to feel worried. I don't do well meeting new people.

"They can be a little wild but they mean well." He explained.

"Have you told them about me? I worry his friends won't like me.

"I have. And they want to meet you."

"Do they like games?

"Like video games? He asked with curiosity.

"No. Like board games or just fun games like Pictionary or Charades?

"Not really but I'm sure they might if you were there."

"Okay. We could play Pictionary."

"Okay." He nods.

A cute tiny thin waitress walked over.

"Hey, what can I get you two?

"I'll have the pepperoni pizza with goat cheese and spinach." I gave her my order.

"Okay. And you sir? She turned to him and smiled brightly.

"I'll have the Hawaiian."

"Hahaha." I laughed and covered my mouth.

"What? His finger brushed over the top of my hand.

"That's so weird." I giggled.

"Really? I've never heard of pepperoni, goat cheese and spinach?

"It's so good," I said.

"So is mine." He linked out fingers. I didn't pull my hand away.

"No way."

"Anything else? The waitress asked us.

"Root beer Please with ice and a straw. But do you have a stainless steel one?

"No just plastic." She sneered at me like I was irritating her.

"Well, it's all we have." She said in a snotty unfriendly tone.

"Did you know that animals die because of all the plastic that is thrown away...they die."

"Lovely, she said condescendingly, I'll get your order placed."

She walked off shaking her head.

"Also, believe it or not, champagne corks kill almost 24 people each year."

"I did not know that."

"Also, 37 people were killed trying to get a snack from a vending machine from 1978 to 1995. That’s an average of 2.18 deaths a year, making the cause of death WAY more likely than shark attacks."

"Hahaha. Wow." He shook his head laughing. "Who knew vending machines were so deadly?

"I know right? Like I would think sharks are way more likely to kill then a vending machine."

"So Everly. You like to draw and take pictures and you like horses what else do you like?

His dark eyes gazed into mine, he made me blush I looked away.

"I like the stars. And the Moon, and the beach. And I love flowers and feeding the ducks."

I show him my rings and tell him why I choose them. He moved his chair around and set it down beside me.

"This is better." His body heat I could feel.

"How about fairs?

"Oh, no way too crowded and the rides are too high and did you know that people die each year at a fair or Carnival from rides or by clowns?

"Clowns freak me out too what about the movies? He laughed.

"Yeah. I like the movies." I nod my head.

"What about you. What do you like?

"I like cars, motorcycles, fishing, travelling, and you."

Suddenly I see Luke walk in and take a seat at a table.

"My brothers here," I whispered.

"Spying on us? Erik whispered back.

"Probably." Erik is going to never want to see me again.

"So you said you have never kissed before right? He keeps his voice low. Every time he talked his break tickled my skin.

"That's right."

"Would you ever want to with me?

"If you were my boyfriend yes."

"But not while we are dating? He asked curiously.

"Right, exclusiveness means only me and no one else."

"What about sêx? I was not expecting that question.

I cover my now heated face.

"Oh my goodness you just said sêx. In public."

"Does it make you uncomfortable?

"I...just don't know a lot. I mean I have read about it. And even watched porn. But I don't do well with being touched."

"Did something happen to you that you didn't like? His fingers dance over my thigh causing a swirling of throbbing in between my legs.

"No nothing like that. I just have a thing about personal space. I don't like to be touched unless I have control." I try and explain.

"So you like to have all the control?


"What if I had a little?

"I don't know yet."

"Okay. But holding hands is ok?

"Yes. Oh, and we can hug. I don't usually like to hug people but you I do."

"Here you go." The waitress comes back with our food.

"Thank you. Mandy." I had seen her name tag earlier.

"Thank you." Erik nodded his head in her direction.

"You are very welcome. Enjoy."

I grabbed my first piece of pizza and took a bite. Strings of cheese hung down.

" good...I moaned slightly from how good the pizza was.

"Want to try mine? I offered.

"Only if you try mine."

"Tiny bite," I said.

"Okay." He agreed.

Erik holds out his piece and I leaned in and took a bite.

"Okay. That's is pretty good." I was very surprised.

"Told you." He winked at me and rubbed his hand over my thigh again.

"But mine is still better."

I pass him mine and he took a giant bite and winked at me his eyes stare at mine making me blush again.

"Mmm, okay well now that is really good."

"Aha haha...see mine is better."

I clapped excitedly, people looked at me.

We finished our food and it was so good. He paid then I walked over to my brother.

"Were you spying on us? I asked accusingly.


I shake my head and tap my foot knowing he was lying.

"Ok. I was. But I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

"Did I pass your test yet? Erik asked as he slid his hand into mine.

"The jury is still out, but so far so good."

"Still on the watch?

"Just for a bit man." My brother wiped his face and gave him a friendly pat on his arm.

"Luke, I am fine. Erik is very nice. He wants me to meet his friends."

"Mmm, are you sure?

"Yes," I said.

"Why don't you come along, Luke?

Erik offered, which I thought was super sweet.

"I don't want to impose." He looked from me to him.

"Don't worry about it." Erik seemed totally okay with it.

"Alright. Are you doing right now?

"Yeah. You can follow us." Erik suggested.

"Okay," Luke replied.

We walked outside and waited for my brother. He comes out and stands beside me.

"Alright, I'll meet you there."


I followed Erik to his car I slid into the passenger side seat. He got into his seat.

"Erik...are you embarrassed by me?

"What? He turned in his seat to face me.

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