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Chapter 8


I jumped up and hopped over to the board. I lost my balance and fell on someone.

"Easy there. Jordan said as I landed on top of him. Mm, you can stay here."

"Jordan leave her," Erik warned him.

"It's hard enough for me with two legs."

I laughed at myself.

"Hahaha." Jordan laughed.

"I fall a lot," I said as I stood up.

"Drink too much? Jordan guessed.

"No. Just clumsy," I admitted shyly.

"You're awesome! Love that you admit it." Ottis chuckled.

"Well it's the truth."

"Okay, you can guess at any point Before the timer is up." I said. Does someone have a timer?

"I'll do it," Erik said giving me a wink his smiles made my whole body happy.

"60 seconds." I told him.

"Okay. Go."

I picked out a paper from a hat. It said Weiner in a donut hole. I laughed out loud covering my face.

I drew a donut...

"Wheel." Erik guessed.

I shook my head and kept drawing.

"Two circles, my brother guessed.

I drew the Weiner threw the hole of the donut.

"Cock...its a cock." Jordan shouted out.

"Hahaha." I laughed.

"Cock in a vagina." Ottis called out I kept shaking my head laughing.

"Hahaha. That's a really bad picture."

Luke said.

"Times up." Informed me.

It's a Weiner in a donut hole." I said.

Caroline laughed so hard.

"This was yours, wasn't it? I pointed at Caroline.

"Yes." She nodded.

"K well you can go next," I said I hoped over to Erik and fell onto his lap.

"Oops. Sorry." I giggled.

"It's ok. You can stay right here." Erik insisted.

"Okay." I snuggled onto his lap.

"Timer Erik." Caroline took her spot up at the board.


Caroline started drawing...

Luke: Tree?

Caroline: No.

Ellie: Fire Hose?

Caroline: No, are you two blind.

Ellie: "This is so bad." Ellie laughed.

Presley: whiskers?

"Boobs," I yelled out.

"Getting closer," Caroline said.

"Girl with boobs." I said.

Presley: Girl getting it from behind.

"Doggy style," I said.

Caroline: Yes! Ding ding!

"Why were her boobs up in space? I asked.

Everyone laughed.

"Space boobs, Erik laughed.

"They were supposed to be arms." Caroline point to them.

"Boobie arms? I said moving in Erik's lap. I could feel him hard behind me.

"No just arms." Caroline said.

"This is getting interesting, anyone wants a drink? Ottis offered as he got up.

"Yeah, I do." Carline stood up and followed Ottis.

"Okay my turn, Presley said. "Haha, these are so bad, who wrote these? she asked as she took her paper out of the hat.

"I did," Jordan said with a cheeky smirk.

Presley started drawing.

Elli: Penguin?

Presley: No

Everly: Bigfoot?

Presley: No

Erik: Clown?

Presley: You got it.

It was Erik's turn. He placed me on the couch and leaned in and kissed me, then walked up to the board. I started his timer.

Ellie: Kite?

Erik: No

Presley: hole?

Erik: No

Ottis: Vagina?

Erik: hahaha no man.

Ottis: Come on man that is totally a pussy.

Erik: Still no.

Carline: Tent?

Erik: No.

Everly: Times up.

"It was a cave."

"See Pussy man, Ottis pointed to it trying to make his point.

"I say we play a new game, how about Truth and dare? Jordan. Suggested.

Everyone agreed.

"Now this will be fun, Ottis said as he guided Carline outside. We followed everyone outside.

The guy's backyard was amazing, it was large and it had a pool that looked down over the valley. The view was spectacular. There was also a hot tub area and lounge chairs that were lined up surrounding the pool area. Erik ushered me to one and sat bend me and placed me between his legs.

"This is a beautiful house I said admiring it. And you have a pool."

"We should go swimming? Caroline suggested.

I felt shy and not comfortable to go to the pool.

"Yes, let's go swimming." Ellie agreed along with Presley.

"I don't have a bathing suit."

"Just wear your bra and panties, Caroline suggested.

"I don't want to but, you girls can."

The girls undress to there bra and panties.

"Alright so Everly, you go first truth or dare? Jordan asked.

"Mmm, truth," I replied.

Jordan: Are you a virgin?

Everly: Yes.

Erik: Come on, Jordan.

Caroline: Have you ever given head?

Everly: Head?

Caroline: Sucking a man's dïck?

Everly: No

Caroline: Do you want to?

Everly: No not at the moment.

Everly: How about truth or dare for you?

Caroline: Shoot.

Everly: Truth or dare?

Caroline: Truth.

Everly: Have you and Erik had sex together?

Erik: Let's not play this.

Caroline: Yes!

"Guys no more." Erik seemed uncomfortable

"Good choice, my brother said.

"Come one it's just getting good. Luke truth or dare? Ottis asked as he took a sip from his glass.

"Dare! Luke replied.

"I dare you to kiss one of the girls in the pool that you like."

"That's it?

"Yeah, and if you choose my girl I'll hurt you so choose wisely."

"Who's your girl? Luke asked.

"I am, Caroline smiled gleefully.

My brother walked over to the edge of the pool he waved Presley over...she swam over to him. He kissed her, and she seemed to like it.

I turned to Erik.

"Did you have sêx with all these girls?


"Just Caroline? I asked.


"How many others?

"You don't want to know."

I got up and walked off inside the house. I don't know why but I felt jealous or uneasy. I'm not usually a jealous person but with Erik, I feel like a letdown or unworthy of him that he's been with so many. Maybe I'm insecure cause I have no experience and I'll be laughed at.

Erik came up behind me.

"Everly...We are very different. I haven't always done the right thing." He tried to explain.

"Do you want a blow job? Maybe this is what I should do.

"You're kidding, right? He looked me up and down.

"Nope, truth or dare."

"I don't want to play any games." He filled a glass with water and gulped it down.

"Drop your pants."

"No." He shook his head.


"Cause this isn't you."

"You don't know."

"Everly. You have to be comfortable with someone to do that."

"I am comfortable with you. I like holding your hand, kissing you...I would probably like sucking your penis too."

My cheeks heat up at what I said. I've never seen a real penis other than porno's and I didn't watch it for long I felt too uncomfortable.

"But you are not ready." He stepped closer and he ran his hand down my cheek, I leaned my head into his hand.

"But you let Carline, right?

"That was different."


"We both wanted it and it was more of a convenience."

"So what am I to you? I stepped back with my hands on my hips and looked him directly in the eyes.

"You are a girl I want more with." That made me feel better.

"What does more mean?

"Substantial...real...genuine." His hand slid through my hair.

"Shit, I have to go." I see the clock behind him and it says 9:30.

"I'll drive you home. Erik offered.

"My brother can we live at the same house."

Luke walked in with Presley. "Everly I'm going to take Presley out for a bit."

"Oh. Ok. I'll take a cab home."

"I'll take you." Erik offered kindly.

"But then you have to drive all the way back."

"It's okay, I don't mind."

"Thanks, man. Everly I'll see you tomorrow." Luke gives Erik a handshake.

"Ok. Have fun."

"Bye Everly, it was nice meeting you."

Presley said. She seemed nicest of the girls. I hope she's better than his last girlfriend that cheated.

"You too."

Luke had his arm around Presley.

"They are going to have sêx." It slipped out from my mouth.

"Absolutely. Did you see there kiss? Damn, I was so wet." Caroline said, she arched her ass up and ground against Ottis which he obviously liked cause he was smiling and running his hands all over her.

"Hahaha. You were in a pool of course you were wet."

"Not that kind of wet." She laughed Ottis kissed her neck making her moan.

"What kind of wet? I was curious.

"In your vagina."

"Oh. That's supposed to happen?

"Yes. When you feel turned on."

I had felt that way a few times when Erik and I kissed tonight.

"We are heading to bed," Jordan said his arm was around Ellie.

"Night everyone. Everly it was nice to meet you." Ellie smiled at me.

"You too, we are leaving. Bye."

Everyone was nice and said goodbye.

We walked out and head to Erik's car. My ankle was feeling better. Guess it wasn't too bad. Erik walked up to me and sunk his head down and kissed me. My stomach fluttered deep inside. Then his tongue slid in between my lips and they danced together. I almost forgot what time it was. I pushed him back.

"I'm late. We gotta go."

"Sorry. You just look so good." His hand brushed up my side.

"You look good too. Ice cream!

"What? Erik looked amused.

"I want ice cream!


"When I get home. If you want you can come in. But you have to be very quiet.

"Your dad would kill me."


"Yeah, he would."

"Not if I invite you."

"Let's just get you home. I think I can see your turning into a pumpkin."

"That would be so bad, I laughed."

I get in the car. We drive off...



"So did you have a good time?

"Most of it yes."

"What was your favourite part?

"Mmm, that's hard but I liked our date and the kiss the most oh and the fireflies."

"Would you see me again?

"Like another date?

"Yes. But this time you're my girlfriend?


"Aren't I just more trouble than it's worth?

"Why do you say that? He gasped for my hand and kissed it.

"Cause people will always be making fun of me. Or be looking at me as the freak when I do something embarrassing. Who wants to be with someone like that?

"You're special to me and I want to be with you."

"Can I think about it? I asked.

"Of course. Take all the time you need?

"Just one day. I need to make a pros and cons list."

"On me?

"Yes. It's what I do whenever something new happens or enters my life. I write the pros and cons list." It's what I did with my job with Sip. It came out more of a positive thing for me to have a job.

"Don't you ever just thinking about not worrying about this or that. Just living in the moment and just being? He asked me.

"It's just what I do," I said casually.

"Do you like me enough to push your fears away and just be with me?

"You scare me." I admit.

"Why? He sounded hurt.

"Cause you'll get tired of me or expect this amazing girlfriend that I am not. I will never be like the girl you want, not when there is always a Caroline around the corner that is better and more experienced than me." My damn insecurities were coming through roaring their ugly head.

"I think you are amazing." He said sounding so sure. But it's hard to believe it.

"But I'm not a regular girl." I let out a shuttered breathe.

"I don't want a regular girl I want you."

"Erik I have Asperger's." I blurted out not even thinking it over, it just came out. Shit. I covered my mouth wishing I hadn't said that.


"I have Asperger's," I repeated.

"And you think I won't accept you the way you are?

"Yeah, people run from what they don't know. The unfamiliar, the strange, the different. I'm not like a regular girl."

Erik pulled his car over.

"Everly. It's doesn't matter to me."

I was getting shaky and I started tearing up.

"Why? I asked.

"Cause I see more than the stigma of something you've been diagnosed with."

"Really? I turned to face him more.

"Yeah." He smiled.

He pulled over to the side of the road.

"Come here." He waved me over. He slid me on his lap.

"Everly. You are a shining light in my life. I've never wanted this with anyone. You are a breath of fresh air. I've never wanted a girlfriend or someone who was all mine. Your being different is what drew me to you. You see me not for my job title or how much my net worth is. But you see me and I really like that." He kissed my cheek. My insides tightened I feel tears build.

"You are so different than everyone, from the moment we met you didnt look at me badly or ignore me or roll your eyes or laughed at me, you actually saw me and not my Aspergers."

"Different is good, right?

"Yes! So we can be different together?

"I'd like that." He kissed me.

"Can I drive your car?

"Have you ever driven before?

"Does a video game count?


"Then no I have not."

"Why don't I take you somewhere that you can drive?

"Like where?

"An empty parking lot."

"Ok. Best so I don't hit anyone."


"Can I kiss you?

"I'd like that."

"But can you touch my boobs?

"I was not expecting that. But as long as your ok with it then yeah I'd like to."

"Ok. They're not too big or too small."

"I think they are perfect." His hands cupped my breasts over my shirt.

"That feels nice."

"They are very nice."

"Will you take your shirt off so I can see you?

"You want to see me? He looked up into my eyes and I didn't look away.

"Yes! I said excitedly.

He lifts his shirt off and I looked away feeling shy. He was very nice. Very toned. More beautiful ink was found on on his body.

"That bad?

"No, very good. Very nice." I turned back and ran my finger over one of his tattoos.

"This is beautiful." I circle the design with my finger.

"You like my tattoos?

"Yes, they are very interesting." Goosebumps scattered over his chest and arms, as I ran my fingers over the beautiful design.

"That feels nice."

"When I touch you?


"Can I touch you more? He excited me his body was amazing. Perfection.

"If you'd like it."

"Sorry, he's got a mind of his own."

I could feel something hard underneath me.

"We should go. You're going to be very late."

I hear my phone ring in my bag. I slide off of Erik's lap and grabbed my phone. Erik pulled out back onto the road.


Everly: Hello?

Dad: Hey Sweetheart. Just checking in how are you?

Everly: I'm good. We are heading to a parking lot so I can drive his car.

Dad: Be careful.

Everly: I will.

Dad: Are you having fun!?

Everly: Yes!

Dad: Good. He's treating you right?

Everly: Yes, we kissed.

I squealed.

Dad: Really??

Everly: Yes. It was really good. I wasn't scared. He makes me so happy dad.

I felt Erik's hand slid into mine. Our fingers locked and he gave my hand a squeeze.

Dad: Well, I am happy for you.

Everly: I'll see you in a bit.

Dad: okay.

Everly: I'm going to be late tonight.

Dad: Okay.

Everly: bye dad

Dad: Bye sweetheart.

I hang up and slumped back in the leather seat, looked over at Erik.

"Everything good? Erik asked.

"Yep. He's just checking in."

"Okay." His slight bristles from his facial hair glowed as the moonlight hit it. He had a cute dimple in the center of his right cheek between where his cheek and the jaw bone is.

"What? He briefly glanced at me.

"You look beautiful," I said.

"Aren't you sweet." He tightened his hand in mine. And learned over and kissed me.

"Focus. We could crash."

"I won't crash."

"But you could."

"Sorry. I just got caught up in you being all cute and adorable."

"Oh, no...your gas light is on."

"It is. Guess I should get some gas."

"Can I pump your gas? My dad always lets me fill his."

"Ok. Do you wash the windows too?

"Oh...I can do that too. Or I'd look like a complete fool."

"Nah. Don't worry so much what other people think."

"It's kinda hard not to when they stare or point or laugh."

"But you probably won't see them ever again."

"That's true. What's the craziest thing you've done?

"Probably asking your dad for permission to ask you out."

"No like a real one. Like, have you swam with sharks. Or Bungie jumped?

"No, I have not. Have you?


"The craziest thing I will be doing is driving."

"Have you ever wanted to get your license?

"My parents think it wouldn't be good."


"Just if I panicked while driving or caused an accident."

"You can't always scared of what-ifs Everly."

"But what if I hit someone, or cause an accident?

"Accidents happen. No one plans to get in an accident. Most accidents are because someone was speeding and in a hurry, or ran a red light or didn't stop at a stop sign. Other things like drinking and just being careless."

"Well, maybe one day."

"Okay. We are here." Erik parks the car and gets out...I slid out of my seat and walked over to the pump. He pushed the buttons on the gas pump then said when I could do it. I was holding the lever and I could hear the gas pump on as the gas-filled up Erik's car.

I really needed to pee.

"Erik, I need to use the washroom, I'll be right back." He nods his head and took over. I walked inside and asked where the washroom was. The worker pointed to the back of the store. I go back and closed the door. I do my business then washed my hands thoroughly and stepped out.

Suddenly I heard shouting I crouched down on my hands and knees. I peeked around the aisle and saw Two guys in black outfits from head to toe. I see they both have guns and are pointing them at the clerk.

Oh no...

I pulled my phone out and called my dad.

Dad: Hello?

Everly: Daddy, there are two bad guys in the gas station they have masks and guns...guns daddy. I whispered.

Everly: Get away from there. Where is Erik?

Everly: He's outside I came into go pee and when I came out there were two guys yelling.

Dad: I'm calling the cops. What gas station?

Everly: I don't know. It has a big wheel on the sign.

Dad: Okay, hide and don't make a sound.

Everly: ok. Hurry daddy. I'm scared, daddy.

Dad: I'm coming to get you.

Everly: I gotta go.

Dad: No stay on the line.


Everly: Ahhh.

I screamed.


Suddenly there was a loud bag that came from inside the gas station. Shit, Everly. I ran over and opened the door and snuck inside and got low and crawled down on my hands and knees.

"Bad guys bad guys!! Everly said I rushed over and covered her mouth and pulled her behind the end of the aisle.

"Shhhh, don't make a sound." I whispered holding her close. Her whole body was shaking. I covered her body with mine.

"Come out come out where ever you are." One of the bad guys said.

"Shhh....he said to me.

I can see the guy's reflection in the back fridge section of the store. They were coming down the aisle. I moved us down the next aisle. We get to the opening heard the click of a gun and it was pointed at Everly's head.

"Lookie what I found." The guy with the gun pointed at Everly said.

"Get up! He yelled.

Everly jumped up.

"Guys just get out of here. The cops are already on there way." I had put my phone on speakerphone but had mine set on mute in my back pocket.

"You a snitch? He now pointed the gun at me.

"Yeah, I am." I wanted the gun away from Everly.

"You are bad guys. Just leave us alone."

Everly yelled at them. I was scared of there retaliation.

"Mmm, Nah I think we could use her to get what we want."

One of the bad guys grabbed Everly by the arm. I still had my arm around her.

'Let go man or I'll shoot you."

"Nnoooooo....don't shoot him, please." Everly whimpered.

"Seems someone has something to lose. Maybe we should just shoot him." The guys said with a vengeance and pure evilness that reigned through him.

"Noooo...please I'm a nobody." She sobbed. Take me but don't hurt him. But we can't go far I need to call my dad."

"Haha, are you out of your mind? One of the guys said.

"You should cause deep inside you have a heart and you can choose to be good or bad," Everly said so simply.

"Hahaha...shut the fück up." The guy wearing the black hood and a mask. Yanked Everly hard and pulled her out of my grasp she fell into his chest.

"Noooo...leave her alone. I'll go." I said desperately pleading with him. I didn't care about myself I only cared about getting Everly out of here unharmed.

"We don't want you." The second bad guy talked. He was shorter and stalkier.

"No no no no. I have to go. My dad is coming." Everly rambled on crying.

"Stop talking." One of the guys slapped her across the face hard you could hear it pain from the blow. One of the guys shoots his gun and the bullet hits one of the bags of chips behind her, making it explode sending a dusting of broken chips everywhere. She screamed crying, her body was shaking. " no no no."

"Now, come with us and you won't get hurt."

"Erik don't forget me. Tell my daddy to come find me. Where are you taking me?

"Hahaha. You are cute but really stupid."

"I am not stupid." She throat punch him but the other guy slammed her to the ground and press their foot on her head.

"Bad move doll." He growled.

"Noooo...she cried.

"Babe don't move." My body was shaking just like hers. I was at a loss of what to do and at this moment I knew I was powerless of what was happening and it was killing me.

"Okay," Everly said softly. The guy eased his foot off Everly.

"Guys, isn't it money you want? I got money." I need to try this if it's money there are after.

Bad guy 1: "Finally, someone who gets it."

Bad guy 2: "Dude let her up."

Bad guy 1: "But...

Bad guy 2: I said let her up!

She got yanked up and one of the guys he kept his arm around her. Holding her tight to his body. I could hear him breathing heavily under his mask. Her body was trembling, tears trickled down her face.

"We came for money but I think she may be worth more then what we can get from this shit hole of a gas station. So we will be leaving and if you ever want to see her again you'll send 500 thousand dollars to the warehouse on Raven's Crescent."

"But I have to go home."

"Not tonight doll. Tonight you will be leaving with us."

"No no-no-no. I can't go with strangers."

"Get moving bïtch...


"Excuse me?

Bad guy 2: Do you want me to just shoot her. She seems mouthy?

Bad guy 1: Let's just go.

"I'm not going. You are strangers."

"My name Kevin and that's Tom. See know we are friends. Now let's go." A malicious cackled erupted under the mask.

"Is that really your name?

"Hahaha, move it!!! He yelled making her jump.

The guy holding her pulled her along and out the door.

"Nooo...I can't leave my daddy is coming." I heard her crying and screaming at them, one of them backhanded her again.

This cannot be happening...

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