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Chapter 9


"Nooo...I can't leave my daddy is coming for me." Giant heaves ran through me. It was getting hard to breathe.

Bad guy 1: "Not tonight he is."

He yelled back with such venom in his threatening voice. He made me scared of his loud voice, which upset me.

"No, he is. I talked to him." I have to make these men understand me. I can't go. I don't want to.

Bad guy 1: "When?" He yelled at me.

Bad guy 2: I knew she was bad news.

Bad guy 1: "Answer, bïtch?" He backhanded me across the face. It hurt so bad. I tried to pull out of his grip, but his arm was securely around me.

"When I came out of the washroom, I called him. I said there were two bad guys. I can show you my phone." I tried to pull out my phone, but it dropped on the ground.

"Fück. Do you know what happens to snitches? He growled at me." He smashed his black boot on my phone; I heard it crack under his foot.

"No." I cried out. I was shaking so badly.

"They get fucking stitches." He yelled, getting right in my face.

"That's not good." I shuttered from this man's evilness and him holding me so tight. I just wanted to go home.

It was getting so late, way past my bedtime

"Right. So listen the fück up. We are going to take that nice fancy sports car and hightail it out of here." He talked closes to my ear, gripping my hair in his hand. His voice was eerily creepy.

"I told you I couldn't go. My dad is coming." I whimpered out.

"I swear I will shoot you." He pointed the gun at my head.

"Just take the car. I'm sure it's worth a lot," I begged.

"Nah, you seem like your worth more than this piece of steel." He kicked the car leaving a dent in the back door.

"Stop, please..." my lips quivered. Tears ran down my face.

I hear Erik call out. One of the guys turned and shot at him; Erik ducked the bullet hit the window behind him, shattering the glass.


I reached my arm out towards Erik; the look in his eyes was so sad.

I felt my body being pushed towards the car, and I was thrown into the back of the trunk. "'s too dark. I hate the dark. I need a light." I sobbed.

"Shut the fück up." He slammed the trunk shut.


I bang on the trunk, screaming. "LET ME GO!!! LET ME GO!!!"

The car roared to life, and it started moving.

"Daddy, daddy. Please find me." I called out.


Everything happened so fast, and before I could do anything, they dragged her away. This was not good.

I ran outside and called out to Everly. One of them took a shot at me; I ducked just about being hit. But then just like that, they threw her in the back of my car. I was still on the phone with the police.

"Fück!! Where are you?" I yelled into the phone; my whole body was shaking uncontrolled.

I'd had them on speaker phone the whole time.

"Yes. We are on route. Which way did they go?

"North on Freeway 45," I yelled.

"Okay. Does she have a phone on her?" The detective asked.

"I don't know. But I can send you her number."

I could barely think about what was going on.

"Ok. Send it over, and I'll see if I can track her."

"You gotta find her. She's got Asperger's, and this will terrify her. I know it would freak anyone out in this situation, but she's different in the way she thinks, and this will bring on things she doesn't know how to handle or behave."

"Okay. We will do our best to find her as quickly as possible. What's her name?"

"Everly Nightingale," I said over and over again.

I missed her so much. My heart was aching that I couldn't do anything.

"Karl Nightingale's daughter? The officer asked.


I just realized I needed to call her dad. "Shit, I gotta call him." I know I'm in deep shit.

"Shit, okay. Let me do this, and I'll call you back." The detective said.

"Okay. Find her." I hang up and call Karl.

This is going to be so bad. He's going to kill me too.

I didn't even hear it ring; I listened to his terrified voice.

Karl: Is Everly okay?

Erik: No, they took her.

Karl: What??

Erik: I had her, but they had guns. They want 500 grand and to go to the warehouse on Raven Crescent.

Karl: I'll go there now.

Erik: Okay. The police are trying to track her phone.

I took a weak seat on the curb, holding in tears. I pressed my thumb and finger, pressing my nose as the terror that was racing inside me.

Karl: Okay. Shit. Keep in touch. We got a find her. This could send her into a downward spiral that I have no idea what will happen.

Erik: I'm worried too. I told the cops that she has Asperger's, just hoping they work hard to get her.

Karl: She told you?

Erik: She did.

Karl: Wow. Okay. I've got to go. Bye.

We hung up, and the silence now was not helping my racing mind and my thumping heart. I wiped at my tears.

I had to think of something. I suddenly remembered my car has a security company that I use. I'll see if they can track my car down.


I got Tommy; my security team caught up. I heard him typing away.

Tommy: Okay, so they are travelling on Route 99, travelling southbound. They just turned off and are heading now on Chestnut Hill.

Erik: Okay. I'll call the cop back, and could you give him the GPS?

Tommy: Sure thing.

Erik: I'll do a three-way call. I need to stay on.

Tommy: Okay

:: Threeway call::

Troy: Troy here?

Erik: Hey man, it's Erik, so I have my security guy on this call. He's got her whereabouts.

Troy: Okay, great. Cause I haven't been able to track her phone.

Tommy: Hey Troy, Ok, they are now on Fisher.

Troy: Okay. I'm about 10 minutes out. But I am heading in that direction. I'll try and get ahead of them.

Tommy: Good move. Maybe take Hanson and 4th that will get you ahead of them and cut them off.

Troy: On it. Thanks, man.

Erik: Thank you, guys.

Troy: Don't thank me yet. This isn't over. If they are as bad as I think they are, they will have some things up there sleeve.

Erik: They seem driven by money, but I think it's now turned into a game for them. They see Everly as more of an asset then the money.

Troy: Most robberies start as one then escalate to something different than they originally intended.

I get an incoming call from Karl.

Erik: Guys, I've got to put you on hold.

Troy: Okay.

I switch to answer the call from Karl.

Erik: Hey, Karl.

Karl: So I am at the warehouse, but there is no one here. No cars, not a person.

Erik: Okay. I have the cop and my security guy in my car. They are tracking it.

Karl: Okay. I'll come to pick you up.

Erik: Okay. I'm at the Co-op Pump and go.

Karl: Okay

Erik: Bye

I walked to the road to wait for him. 10 minutes later, he pulled up in his massive truck. I got in, and we drove off.

I was still on the threeway call with Troy and Tommy.

Erik: Okay, guys, where are we at?

Tommy: They just drove over Jonnson street bridge.

Tommy: Okay, they are slowing down. They turned left on Philip Road.

Tommy: Okay, it's stopped moving.

Erik: Please get her away safely.

Troy: I'll do my best.

Tommy: I'm going to go. Good luck.

Erik: Thanks bye




I was shaking and crying. The car stopped, and the trunk flew open.

"I need to go home. It's way past my bedtime." My body was shaking so severely; tears soaked my face; I was sweating from pounding on the trunk.

Bad guy 1: Shut the fück up.

He slapped me across the face.

"I want to go home. My dad will be looking for me. I said I would be home soon." I had to make them hear me. I am so scared.

Bad guy 2: Not tonight, Cinderella.

He Snickers.

"I'm not Cinderella. I'm Everly Sophia Nightengale. Now let me go and show me the way home. This is so far away. I don't know where I am." I rambled. My voice was trembling. My knees were shaking. I felt weak and all alone. I was utterly lost and alone with two crazy masks, men.

Bad guy 1: Hahaha. Just move.

"N-nononono!" I muttered.

Bad guy 1: MOVE IT!"

They showed me, and I fell to the ground. My knees scraped along the jagged pavement. They stung so bad.

"Ouch." I whimpered.

Bad guy 2: Get up.

One of thr guys pulled me up, lifting me like a puppet by my hair.

"You're hurting me." I winced in pain.

Bad guy 1: Then just do as we say. Walk.

I felt something pressed to the center of my back; it was pointy...probably a gun.

"I don't want to go with you. I want to go home."

The object pressed harder into my back, making me move.

"Okay!" I cried out. "One...two...three...four..." I started counting. I felt dizzy, and my heart was beating too fast. They pushed me into a door and dragged me down a very dim and dingy hallway. A rat ran by. I screamed. "Ahh!"

Bad guy 2: Aww, scared of a little rat, princess?

He chuckled mercilessly.

"They are so dirty. Rats can transmit diseases to humans. They can transmit disease if they bite or scratch humans and leave their droppings and urine around the home. Humans can also get sick when rats contaminate their food or run across countertops where food is later prepared."

Bad guy 2: Do you ever stop talking.

"I talk a lot when I am nervous."

Bad buy 2: Just be quiet.

"I want to go home."

Bad guy 1: Well, you are not.

"I want to go." I get slammed into the cement wall, my forehead was hit hard, and I could feel it throbbing in pain. "Ouch."

Bad guy 2: Then shut up.

"You two are so mean. Your parents would be ashamed of you."

Bad guy 1: I don't have any, so it doesn't matter." He with anger.

Bad guy 2: I killed mine, so they don't care either.

Oh my God, these guys are horrible. I'm going to die.

"You killed your parents?"

I couldn't believe it.

Bad guy 2: It was an accident.

"I don't believe you."

Bad guy 2: Keep walking, Bambi

"It's Everly."

Bad guy 2: Yeah yeah!

They opened a door that creaked open. They take me down some stairs. 12, to be exact. There creaked as we walked down into the dark, creepy basement.

"Nooo....this is too dark."

Bad guy 2: Sleepy tight sleeping beauty.

"No, no, no, you can't leave me down here. I hate the dark." I cried out.

Bad guy 2: Just shoosh.

One of them pushed me down onto the hard concrete floor. My body hurt from falling. I see cobwebs and spiders in the corners, pipes that ran over along the ceiling.

I heard the creaking of steps. Their shoes are climbing up the stairs.

"Noooo!!" I screamed. I scurried up from the floor and hurried up the stairs, but they closed the door too fast, and then I heard locks turn. I banged on the door. "Noooo, LET ME OUT!!! I screamed and banged my fists over and over again. "Please...It's too dark. I want to go home." I banged again and again. My fists were bleeding from pounding on the wooden door so hard.

But they didn't come back. I took a seat on the top step. There was a small gleam of light at the bottom of the door. I laid my head down and looked underneath. I couldn't see much. I couldn't hear their voices anymore.

"I want to go home, Erik? Please find me." Huge sobs ached through my body. Between the pain from being thrown on the floor and the aching and scared pain of being alone, I was so afraid. Worried, I would never see My family again, worried I would never see Erik also. I slid my fingers under the door, hoping someone would see me.



We have just arrived at the scene where Everly had been taken. My car is parked. The cop is already walking around the building.

"Is there a map of this building? Maybe we can see the layout. Maybe we can find a different entrance?"

"Good Idea. But I don't think we have time to locate the plans." Her dad said.

"Then, we just go in guns-a-blazing?"

I could barely think straight.

"That's my man. Here." Karl pulled out a pistol from his back. He passed it to me. Then he pulled another one out of his back holster.

"Let's go get my daughter. Nothing sudden, do everything slowly." He commands. "And show no mercy to anyone who harmed or scared my daughter, they want to play, let's play mother fuckers."

"Okay!" I said.

"Do you know how to use a gun?" Karl asked.

"Yes, Sir."

"Okay, good." We walked along the side of the building and tried the first door that we saw, but it was locked. We tried the next one the same thing. I saw a window and looked inside. It was dark inside—a basement. "See if that window is unlocked," Karl said.

I tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. "Should I break it?" I asked her dad for approval.

"Do it!" He nodded.

I bang the window with the butt of the gun. The glass broke. I knocked the jagged shards of glass away, making the space bigger to crawl through.

"Who's there??" I hear Everly's sweet angelic but scared voice I heard.

Thank God, I found her.

"Everly, it's me, Erik. Come over here."

"I...I can''s too dark down there." Her voice was shaky.

"Please, come here."

"Sweetheart, listen to Erik."

"Daddy?" She cried out.

"Yes. Come to the window." Her dad said.

I pushed through the window and jumped down into the room. I moved through the darkroom following her whimpers.

I climbed the stairs. "Oh, baby. I was so scared." I held her close to me. She was trembling so badly.

"I want to go now. I want to go now!" She sobbed.

"Yes, let's go. I'll lift you; then, your dad will grab you." I instructed her.

I lift Everly, and her dad grasped her hands. "There you go. Nice and easy." Her dad praised her.

"You got this, Everly." I pushed her up as far as I could, then I felt her body lift, and she was being pulled out the window.

"K. Erik, it's your turn." She stuck her head through the gaping hole in the window.

"Hold on." I looked for something to step on. I found a bucket. I flipped it over and stepped on it and jumped up and grabbed the ledge and pulled myself up. Karl helped me through the window.

Everly was shaking and walking in circles.

"Let's get the hell out of here," Karl said, guiding Everly away.

"What the fück do you think you are doing?"

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