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A Pinch of Cinnamon

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COMPLETE "Just how wet are you for me?" He rumbles in my ear. His hand dips into my underwear and I gasp at the sensation of his finger brushing against my clit. I grasp his shoulders, holding tight, as his finger lowers towards my entrance, feeling for the nectar that only he seems to be able to draw from my body. "You're soaked baby." He groans. I can no longer form words as his mouth latches onto my nipple. My stomach tightens feeling him caress my most intimate areas. ************* After a bitter divorce, a 30 year old man comes back home to live with his parents. They throw him a welcome home party , where he is instantly drawn to a young woman. Getting to know her only makes his attraction grow that much greater. He is determined to make her his even as her own heart wars with her head, pleading with her to not get involved with something that could lead to more heartbreak. Will their love prevail?

K. E. Fields
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A/N- Thanks for reading my new story! Hope you enjoy it! It does start out slowly so bear with me for the first few chapters! Again, I do not own any images I use. They are all taken from google.


The drive home was dismal to say the least. Long stretches of dirt road, dust kicking up from the disturbance of the tires, and stretches of extremely boring highway scattered in between. I’m exhausted. After a ten-hour drive home with any belongings I could fit in my truck and trailer, my body felt heavy and my eyes were fighting to stay open. It is early evening, the Colorado sun still blazing in the sky and making it even more of a miserable drive since my AC decided to break. The current temperature is close to 90 and my body is sticky with sweat, grime, and dirt from traveling with the windows down.

I can’t believe my life has come to this. Thirty years old and divorced. That bitch tried to bleed me for everything I am worth. I sold my house, that was luckily in my name, before she could get her grimy hands on it and packed my life away. My parents were more than happy to welcome me home. They had never liked Lucinda, but I was ignorant and ignored their warnings. I’m paying for that now. I just wanted a fresh start. Away from her and her manipulative ways.

Luckily, with my business, I can take it with me. I will just need to hire a new crew. I made a name for myself back in Utah for landscaping. I even built an online website that potential customers can view my work on and even order certain DIY things. A good portion of my business comes in selling things online that customers can use themselves if they are feeling handy. I’m hopeful that my good name gets me a few good customers to start up my business here. Until then, I have a nice little nest egg saved up.

I turn my dodge onto a small, long dirt driveway. Large trees border each side as I continue to drive down it. This driveway always scared me at night. It looks like it’s straight from a horror film, especially when fog or mist rolls in. But now, during the bright of day, it looks peaceful and serene. The trees open to a large front yard, a two-story brick house sitting at the end of the drive. A pool house sits off to the left of the house and there are fields stretching beyond the back of the house. Just the image alone makes me feel like I can breathe again. A wave of relief hits me.


I pull my truck up just as the front door is thrown open. A short, blonde haired, plump woman comes barreling towards me.

“My baby! Oh, my baby is home!” My mother cries happily as she yanks me from the truck. I engulf her in my arms and breath another sigh of relief. No matter how old you get, a mother’s hug can cure any bad mood.

“Hey Mom.” I tighten my grip to give her a squeeze before stepping back. She has tears glistening in her eyes but a wide smile on her face.

“Let’s get you inside for a nice meal and a comfy bed. I’m sure you’re exhausted.” I don’t complain as she pulls me into the house.

It hasn’t changed much. Dark wood floors gleamed in the afternoon sun. Pale cream-colored walls decorated in family photos greeted you as soon as you walk in. The couch in the living room to the left seemed to stare at me tauntingly as I passed it to walk towards the kitchen. I wanted nothing more than to collapse and let sleep take away my worries.

My mother’s pride and joy, the kitchen, was a beautiful masterpiece. Stainless steel appliances, kitchen island, granite countertops. She had spared no expense.

I heave myself onto one of the stools at the counter. “Where’s dad?” I watch my mom flit around the kitchen to make something to eat.

“Oh, he’s finishing up helping with chores at a local ranch. The owner needed a bit of help.” She has a slight smile on her face as she speaks, almost like she’s envisioning something.

I cock my head in confusion. “Dad’s doing barn chores? Hasn’t his knee been acting up?”

My mother smiles, her blue eyes crinkling as she responds. “Yes. But she really needed the help and couldn’t find anyone on such short notice.”

“She?” I raise my eyebrow. Surly this woman had a husband or boyfriend who could help.

“Spencer. You remember her? She’s your sister’s friend. Well, they were friends before Sadie moved away. They still talk and Sadie visits her whenever she comes home. But she got called into work on an emergency and didn’t have much time to find someone.” My mom’s slight wrinkles on her forehead become more noticeable as a sad, wistful expression takes over her features.

“Oh. Hope he doesn’t overdo it.” I ignore my curiosity. This woman’s circumstances don’t involve me.

“No.” My mom waves her hand. “She makes sure he doesn’t do anything strenuous. It’s mostly just feeding and watering. She does the rest when she gets home.” I mumble a response, not really wanting to continue talking. I just want to go to bed and sleep for the next few days.

“You take this to your room and then get some rest. We can talk more in the morning.” My mom hands me a sandwich and some chips and motions for me to head upstairs.

I trudge my weary body up the stairs to my room. It hasn’t changed at all. It still looks like a college boys’ room. Posters on the wall of rock groups I used to like. Dark blue walls with matching sheets and curtains. I don’t bother undressing before I flop on my bed and drift to sleep.

Here’s to being 30 and still living at home.

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