After You Left

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Its been 7 years since Alice had her heart broken. She had finally started to fix her broken heart. Then one day the past knocked on her door, Should she reopen that door or just let it slam back shut.

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Chapter 1

Alice hung up the lastest dress her bride had tossed to the side. She felt that Eliza had tried on close to 150 dresses. Alice couldn't figure out if she was that scared of commitment or if she already had a dress and just didn't want to tell her. Either way Alice was glad that Eliza was gone cause that meant she could be done for the day and head home.

"Yo, Alice." Lucy yelled excitedly across the salon. Lucy was Alice's best friend since junior year of college. They had met in a design course and quickly clicked after making fun of the mean girl's ugly maroon purse.

"You will never ever in a million billion years guess who is coming to the salon tonight?" Lucy rushed out.

"Who? I thought we were done for the evening?" Alice asked confused.

"You remember Rebecca? From the karaoke night senior year. She was my roomate for like the last semester since you decided to move out and leave me." Lucy said sarcastically.

"Rebecca? Ya I remember her. She had that crazy neon blue or purple hair didn't she and a nose ring?" Alice asked trying to rack her brain of who this Rebecca was.

"Yes! That's her. She text me this morning that she was coming home to plan her wedding and since the salon is only an hour from her mom's she decided to come here to get her wedding dress. She also wants me to be one of the bridesmaids so I'll need your help with planning stuff. Your amazing at planning parties." Lucy gushed as she flopped on the couch. "Her sister Ryan is coming too. She just got done with her service in the Army I think?"

"Ok well I have a hot date with Sir Henry tonight? So can I go home and leave you guys to it?" Alice asked as she finished up checking the computer for her appointments for the next day.

"What? You don't want to stay have drinks here and sing 'Wannabe' again?" Lucy asked laughing.

Alice hated that song. She only tolerated it when she was tipsy or extremely drunk. Mainly cause of the memories that it brought back. She'd had a girlfriend in high-school that absolutely loved the Spicegirls and always sang that song. That was another life time ago and a thousand miles from here. All Alice really wanted to do was go home play with her cat and have a glass of wine and eat some Ramen noodles.

"Please stay." Lucy begged. "All you do is work and I appreciate it, but you need to get out more too. I'm sure Sir Henry will be ok for a couple more hours." Lucy practically begged. "I'll even allow pizza and beer to be drank in here tonight if you stay."

"Fine. I'll stay." Alice reluctantly agreed. Pizza sounded way better than Ramen noodles.

"YAY!!" Lucy shouted. "Oh I forgot to mention Rebecca's sister is single and our age." Lucy said wiggling her eyebrows and laughing like a maniac.

Alice wanted no part in the whole dating game. She had actually contemplated the idea of marrying herself just so she could wear a wedding gown once. She had also wondered if marrying her cat was an option too.

"If she's single why don't you date her then?" Alice asked slipping off her heels and stretching her toes. She sighed with relief. One of the many things she didn't understand was why Lucy insisted on making them wear heels all day. You can look professional in a fantastic pair of Walmart flats too.

"Hmm maybe your right and I should." Lucy said slipping her shoes off too and stretching out on the couch. "Although if I remember right Ryan is not my type. She's more your type. You know tall and a smart-ass."

"Not your type because that describes you,right?" Alice asked laughing. She didn't have a type she hadn't really dated or seeked out a relationship in about 8 years. After having her heart completely shattered she swore she wasn't doing that again. One night stands or a date here and there maybe, but she just couldn't bear to get attached again.

"Exactly!" Lucy said and winked over her shoulder as she walked to the back of the salon. "Beer, soda, wine? What do you want? Yelled Lucy.

"Whatever your drinking." Alice yelled. She was busy playing on her phone and trying to figure out where to get dinner from. Pizza sounded good, but a new Mexican place had opened up down the street and nachos sounded amazing. They could also run upstairs and get the blender from Lucy's apartment and make margaritas too and have a real dress shopping party. "What do you think about ordering Mexican and making margaritas to drink while we try to find Rebecca a dress? I'm sure we can have dinner before they get here. You said they weren't coming till 6 and its barely 5 now."

"That sounds like an even better idea." Lucy said skipping back up front. "If you call and order it I'll run down and pick it up. I'll go up now and grab the margarita stuff while you order. You know what I eat."

Alice quickly dialed the number and placed the order. She wondered if she had time for a quick nap before dinner and the party started. She decided she did when she heard Lucy banging down the stairs. "I was napping." Alice said cracking an eye open.

"Sorry I forgot to wind up the cord and almost tripped down the stairs. You know you could have came up and helped me right?" Lucy panted out. She had managed to not only bring the blender down but a bag of all the necessary ingredients and some glasses too. "Ok take your power nap I'm going to go get ice and the food. Do we need anything else for tonight?"

"I don't think we do." Alice replied already half asleep.

"Ok be back shortly." Lucy said as she bounded out the door.

Alice was startled awake by the door bell ringing. She had never understood why Lucy insisted on having that over the door. They were almost always near the door.

"Lucy, either you forgot something or you managed to find the black hole that moves people at hyper speed." Alice refused to move or open her eyes she was comfortable and a whole lot more tired than she realized.

"Uh well its not Lucy." A familiar voice replied.

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