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„You are going to meet him“ Yeah right... „And how am I suppose to do that?“ „We are going on a vacation and you are goin to make him fall for you „ I‘m Amber Jackson Rainals. 18 years girl who can‘t get over an Instagram crush. He‘s Adam Jayrol, a guy who I‘ve seen twice in real life.

Romance / Erotica
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1.Amber pov.

„You sure about this?“ he stared at me, eyes dark and full of lust yet so intimidating almost making me moan.

His fingers traveling down my neck, souther to my breasts.
„Oh God, just keep touching me“ I felt so hot and so needy. I needed him, needed his touch, his body, his eyes, everything...
You‘re one naughty girl, babyhis lips trailed my collarbone going down.You‘re so beautifulI felt his hands reaching under my shirt. Everywhere he touched, every place he trailed with his fingers got on fire.
Tell me what you want, princess
I-I want-„ You, Jesus I want you to touch me but I‘m such a mess, my words stuck. He‘s so good...
hmmm?“ slowly he lifted my shirt, his hands burning holes on my waist, lips apart staring at my chest. Tell me, baby. What you want?His eyes traveled back to mine while kissing up my stomach never breaking eye contact.
I want-„my bra snitched down and pleasure took over „-ohhh-„ I couldn‘t bare the pleasure. My eyes tightly shut and head rolling back into the sheets. Damn this feels amassing...
Just look at you baby... Such a delicious viewOh God, this is so hot!
Look at me, princessHis lips on my cheekLook at me, Jackson.. „
Huh?! „I shot my eyes open. Don‘t tell me this was just a dream....
I didn‘t have my hot Adam on top of me anymore, but it was Rachel by my side screamingJACKSON! YOU BETTER WAKE YOUR ASS UP
Oh my God, what are you doing in my house and ruining my precious dream I wanted to cry... It looked so real... *fake sobs*
Don‘t tell me you were dreaming about him again...“ So what if I was?
I wasn‘t... „
My best friend looked at me like I have growned a second head over night. She knew everything about me and more certainly when I was lying...
Yeah sure... I know that you were getting wet dreams about Adam againMy cheeks started to turn reddish. Just wait till I tell Bryan about this she laughed. SHE FUCKIN DARE TO LAUGH.
DON‘T YOU DARE!! „ I jumped out of bed ready to take her down
I‘m kidding, relax... We both know what would happen if I did and I don‘t wanna ruin your life just yet
Just yet? „
Just yet
Jesus this girl...
Well lemme explain you guys a bit. I‘m Amber Jackson Rainals. 18 years girl who can‘t get over an Instagram crush. YES YOU HEARED ME RIGHT. Instagram crush. He‘s Adam Jayrol, a guy who I‘ve seen twice in real life and follow on Instagram to stalk his every step. I‘m pathetic I know... He‘s a photographer and from time to time I comment on his work pictures or story but he‘s not interested... The longest conversation took 5 minutes and just because he didn‘t get my pick up line.
Bryan is Rachel‘s boyfriend, WHO‘S FRIENDS WITH ADAM. And if he would get any slightest hint that I or anyone else like Adam then he would tell him right away.
And the saddest part, Adam doesn‘t even know that I exist, because he surely doesn‘t remember the stupid Instagram girl and there is no way he would knew that the embarrassing girl is his guy‘s friend.
Bryan, Adam and Newt are all the time together hanging out. Newt... Um I don‘t know him and actually am not interested because I pathetically like one person who doesn‘t even know me.
Why are you so early, Rachel?It wasn‘t like her, she would sleep till noon and my clock showed that it‘s 12 past 10 a. m.
Beacause Bryan gave me some good morning di-„
Rachel rolled on my bed laughing laudly. Actually I‘m here for your boy, Jackson
What do you mean? I asked while going to the bathroom to wash myself up and leaving the door open to hear all my tea.
You are going to meet him
Yeah right...And how am I suppose to do that?I mumbled with toothbrush in my mouth.
And then you goin to make him fall for you
I spit the water out you haven‘t told me about the step one and you already on step 10...Again. How am I going to do that?
By this dirty mouth you washing right now.I glanced at her,where she‘s leaning against the door and raised an eyebrow. Wtf got into her?quickly wash up and imma spill the beans girl

okay tell me about your tiny beans I said slumping down on bed while drying my hear.
my beans are perfect. she glared which made me grin at her. Not gonna lie, she had a wonderful body. She always complained about her titts being too small but the girl was perfect. „So, we with Bryan and his friends. BY SAYING FRIENDS YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. Are going on vacation. Three days trip. Beach , yacht and the local party for the ending. And so, because I‘m the only girl with four dudes, I said that I would feel better if I took you with me.
you never feel bad in his friends surrounding. „
I know. But Bryan doesn‘t know that. So from today‘s day I do.“
You know, I‘m not sure to thank you and buy you sweets or bury you deep deep so no one would find you... „
You can burry me under the sand and buy me sweets on yacht if you going.she grinned. She knew I couldn‘t say no...
But what if I will mess up again. Like with that pick up line. OMG WHAT IF HE RECONIZES ME!“ Never mind... I‘m not going. And why the fuck she laughing...
Girl, he won‘t. I bet he forgot that months ago, plus even if he didn‘t, haven‘t you seen your profile? Who would recognize you? „
She was right. I had zero posts and my profile picture is me showing my back. And my name is Jack5ugar so there‘s no way. Don‘t blame me for my name. Years ago I thought it was cute and Rachel and I made a bet to keep it unchanged and of course she won...
Just imagine, you meet him and he goes with OH YOUR JACK SUGAR RIGHT?she rolled laughing again. I would die on the spot if something like that would happen. I love teasing you... So? You in? „
I mean it‘s an opportunity... „
yayyyy your in!! He‘s soooo gonna fall for you
I know he wouldn‘t, I know that I‘m quite boring and not lot of guys find interest in me. But I‘m agreeing to this because there is a chance to talk to him and to know him atleast a bit. There is a chance to see him again in real. The hottie I dream and think about.
Or maybe he will have a disgusting personality and I won‘t like him anymore. Which would help a lot because there‘s not a chance he will get interested but there‘s a big one that I will leave the place being heartbroken.

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