Held Together

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Short story of Dean and Bella are on the run from the police after a bank robbery and talk about how they're going to live in the future.

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Held Together

11:03 pm. Bella was laying in bed waiting for Dean to get out of the shower. Dean came into the bedroom wearing a red shirt and black jeans. He laid down on the bed getting under the blankets.

“Do you have any plans for the future?” Bella asked. Dean was confused and asked what she was talking about.

“Do you want kids? Did you wanna go to college? Have a career?” Bella asked

“Yea I like to have kids. Why you wanna have kids?” Dean replied.

“I’m just worried about the future like what if the cops found out we robbed that bank?” She asked.

Dean replied “Look Bella their not gonna find us. We’re gonna be okay live somewhere’s near Hollywood and start a family”. Bella just looked at Dean.

He said “You don’t seem impressed”.

“Dean I’m afraid of the future because of this heist, I want kids that aren’t gonna go to social services and go to foster care, grow up without a dad, I’m afraid that you might take all this money and leave me” Bella said. Dean put his hand on her hand and looked at her. He paused.

“When you were sleeping I got up and went to bathroom. And I did what most guys wouldn’t do. I came back to bed and fell asleep next to you. Why? Because I love you” Dean said. Bella tried to interrupt Dean but he said to stop it.

“I swear to Christ I love you, I want you to be the mother of my children, grow older and die with you” Dean said. Bella and Dean started to make out. Dean started to take off his pants while Bella was taking off her shirt to have sex.

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