Her vampire mate

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Violet is the vampire princess all she knew was how to live a normal human life until she hits 18 and the world comes crashing down with the truth about what she is who she is where she is supposed to go she's destined for but she chooses her own destiny.

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Chapter 1 School

Today was the first day of senior year and for Violet it was also the very beginning. Violet did not know this herself all she know was that she was turning 18 in a month. She always thought her family was strange only going out at night and coming home just before sunrise never going out at day except for her and her little brother they went out during the day and came home at night. Little did She know that her life is about to change.

When Violet got to school her friends Lily, Jack, Molly, and Maria. Was waiting anxiously to see her. All she knew was that this was going to be a great day. She was about to go to class when all of a sudden she fell unconscious. When she awoke again they had tooken her home. Her whole family her mom her dad her little brother was all in the room with her.

her mom and dad look into each other's eyes and say it's time for her to know. She asks them what is it that it's time for me to know. They look into her eyes and say sweetheart you're a vampire a pureblood. She looks at her mom and dad and says you got to be kidding me I walk in the daylight how can I be a vampire pureblood at that. Her little brother Mason says so she's a vampire does that make me a vampire.and their parents say yes but you are not just any vampires we are royalty.

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