The Tribrid's Mate

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***Book after "Before the Tribrid"*** It is my sixteenth birthday party. My parents have gone really crazy and all out on fancy decorations. I am the world's first of my kind. I am a tribrid. I am one-third werewolf, one-third vampire, and one-third Sorceress. I am officially sixteen today. Today is my birthday. Today's date is July 4th, 2016. Yes, I was born on independence day. Even though we are technically the new America, we have kept most of the old America's things. At my party, I end up meeting James Lee Jones. He is my partner in crime. He is my lover and he has a secret. He's my mate!! My name is Hopelynn Marie Smithers. I am one of a kind and this is my story. We, as in the pack, live in the state of Michigan. We live in the city of Flint. We have pretty much taken over the city because there are very few Humans left. Meet James Lee Jones. He is the tribrid's mate. He is stubborn and very self- righteous until he meets her. His mate. He instantly falls head over heels in love with her. He gets very possessive and protective. He is an Alpha-in-training!

Romance / Fantasy
Penny Jujubee
Age Rating:

Cautions and Warnings

If you haven’t read “Before the Tribrid”, do not proceed to move on to the next part! And please keep in mind this book is going to be revised, edited, and rewritten to help connect this story with Jane and Kent’s in “Before the Tribrid”. Jane and Kent are Hopelynn’s parents' names. If they have a name already in this book and it’s different, well it’s been changed!

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