Somewhere Above the Clouds

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After River Stafford's father can no longer care for her, she's left with one option, move to the coast of North Carolina where her older brother is stationed. It doesn't sound like the worst idea in the world to her, but life has more in store for River than she could ever comprehend at almost 17. The mean girls of her new high school make her wish she would've never set foot in the small North Carolina town, but Beau Holmes might just make it all worthwhile... Too bad he's her brother's best friend.

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River- age 6

“Look up River.”
My mom lifts me on the back of my dad’s truck and I look up just like she told me to. I smiled when I heard my favorite song playing in the from the truck’s radio.

“See that baby? See the sky?”

I nod my head, staring at the clouds as they pass with the wind in the dimly lit evening sky.

“No matter what, we will always be under the same sky, you can look up and think of me.”

I could tell she was going to cry but I couldn’t help but wonder what she was talking about.

Of course, we were under the same sky, we were standing right next to one another.

But even as a kid, I knew something was different about what she was saying, she was trying to tell me something without actually saying it. I couldn’t understand why grown-ups did that. I heard my mom cough and saw the blood in her hand, my dad rushed us both back into his truck and that’s when my world seemed to stop spinning, from that moment on my life shifted into a different one than the one I was accustomed to. My dad reached across me and turned the radio down and my favorite song slowly faded away.

That was the first time I felt like I was watching my life from somewhere up above but I wouldn’t figure out how to put that feeling into words until much much later.

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