Somewhere Above the Clouds

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Chapter 29 - Your sky

*Warning: Sexual content; mention of nudity and tension*


"What are you thinking about?"
I whispered as Beau was drawing circles on my thigh with his index finger. I had finally calmed my heartbeat down to a normal pace.

"That I should probably go take a shower."

I felt the heat as it crept up my neck. I wasn't sure why but I hadn't considered that he would need to. . . clean up. We'd been lying on my bed for almost thirty minutes while Beau drew different designs on my skin.


"Then, I think I'll come back in here and borrow your bed. I need a nap and a pretty girl to lay beside me."

He pressed his lips to my temple before climbing off the bed. My mattress felt cold the instant his wide frame left it. Everything was quiet but my mind was screaming at me to get up and follow him.

And do what?

I was out of my element. Very far. The only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be close to him.

I sat up and as soon as my feet touched the hardwood floor they started walking in Beau's direction.

I had no plan, I was acting on instinct alone.

I turned the bathroom doorknob and watched as a fully clothed Beau stuck his hand under the running water, testing the temperature.

He turned when he heard me.

"Everything okay?"

He asked and I starred at my toes for a few seconds, trying to figure out why I came in here.

"I want to take a shower too."
I shrugged.


At least a minute passed without either of us speaking or moving.

He swallowed hard then grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it off. I'd seen Beau shirtless at the beach a hundred times but the fact that I could reach out and touch him now if I wanted to was enough to make my knees weak.

He pulled his pants and boxers down in one go and I let my gaze wander south and quickly closed my eyes.

How was he was bigger than I first suspected?

I took a deep breath, and when I opened my eyes again Beau was already in the shower with his back toward me. I yanked my shirt off and shimmied out of my underwear before stepping in with him.

Beau was under the stream of the shower and I was watching the beads of water as they ran down his back when he slowly turned around.

His eyes were glued to mine for a few moments then he let them dance across my body, leaving a trail of fire in their path. I closed my eyes again and felt his hands rubbing up and down my arms, creating chills. In one swift motion, he switched our positions. The water poured over my head and down my body, Beau swiped his paw of a hand over my eyes and pulled me from under the stream so that my head wasn't directly underneath it.

He asked and I nodded. I didn't want to tell him the chills were from him. I wasn't the least bit cold.

"Turn around River."
His voice was somehow deeper and I felt it stir something in my stomach.

I turned around just as he told me to and wondered what was next.

He gathered all of my hair and moved it over my right shoulder as he pressed his lips to my left. His hands slid slowly down my spine and I shivered a little. He stood up straight I could feel his arousal pressing into my lower back.

Oh my God.

Just as I'd convinced myself that he was about to shove me up against the tile and take what I could only describe as his, I felt his fingers running through my long hair, and mixed with the scent of shampoo I could only form one conclusion.

"You're washing my hair?"
I laughed.

"I needed a distraction."

I didn't ask why. I didn't want him to say what I was assuming he would.

That taking my virginity wasn't something he was willing to do anytime soon.

Beau washed my hair, then his own. When we were through washing our bodies, he stepped out first and dried off before securing the towel around his waist. He held another towel out for me and I stepped out into it. Beau wrapped it around me then picked me up and carried me to my room while I laughed.

"I can walk."
I told him as he put me down.

"I like holding onto you."
He admitted and my heart felt like it twisted in my chest.

I walked over to my closet and started looking for something Beau had never seen before. It was stupid but I wanted to wear something he hadn't seen a thousand times before.

I settled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a purple sweater. Beau walked back into the room just as I was pulling the top over my head.

"Your hair is curly?"

I look down at the long strands and shrugged.

"Not exactly curly, but not straight either."

"I like it."
He said as he twirled a wavy piece between his fingers.

There was this tension between us. All I wanted to do was crawl into bed and hope that he would follow me.

"What's that for?"
I pointed to the folded blanket under his arm.

"There's tons of clouds in the sky today."

"I thought you wanted to take a nap."

"I can take a nap outside while you stare at your sky."

I blinked up and him and smiled. He was so thoughtful and if someone didn't look close enough, they might miss it. And what a shame that would be. I hated the thought that I could've missed out on him if I wasn't paying enough attention.

I couldn't imagine just writing him off that first day. I realized then that my favorite days were because of Beau. He either created them for me or he made them better just by being around.

I let my mind wander too far and I started to think about all the other girls who probably felt that way about him at some point.

They might have wanted him. But I reminded myself that they didn't know him.

Not like me.

Because no one studied Beau the way that I did.
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