The Bodyguard

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Princess Victorie of St.Lennix is in need of a new bodyguard. She meets Aspen Lancast and chooses him, but will feelings get in the way of protection?

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

I wake to my sister, Aurora, deciding it’s a fantastic idea to come jump on me as a method of waking up.

“Tori, wake up you’re going to be late for school.” She says as she sits on my appendix. Now she only weighs 80 pounds, but she can be dead weight when she wants to be and now’s a time she wants to be.

" Aurora, I told you I can get up whenever because I’m in college. You on the other hand need to get going” I say sitting up and shoving her off me. I slide out of bed. I slide shorts and a sweatshirt determining this appropriate attire for my Econ seminar. Aro follows me down into the kitchen where we find Bucky, our very kind but slightly old butler, is making breakfast.

" Good morning your majesties.” He says giving us slight bows.

" Morning Bucky.” Aro says hopping on to the stool watching him cook. I make sure her lunch is all packed.

" Aro, where’s Re?” I ask searching for her twin.

" He’s getting dressed.” She says as she begins to devour a stack of chocolate chip pancakes with powdered sugar. I shake my head.

" Buck, you’re going to spoil her too much.” He just gives me a wide grin. I deem this conversation pointless and head back upstairs to make sure the third member of the St.Lennix royal family, is still alive.

" Rein?” I ask knocking on his door. I hear scuffling and a loud thump.

" Rein, are you ok?” I ask opening the door cautiously. I find my seven-year-old brother lying on the floor holding an airplane above his head surrounded by his stuff animals. He looks up at me upside down and grins.

" Tori!” He says. He scrambles to get up and comes to hug me. Not gonna lie, his morning hugs are what keep me running. I hold him tight against me, his brown curls tickling my chin.

" How are you buddy.” I ask sitting down with him.

" I’m good. Our space mission did not go well, we forget to put in the gas.” He says flying his airplane around me.

" Ooh is that why you crashed?” I ask playing along with his story. He looks up at me, his green eyes shining with excitement.

" Yeah.” He grins.

" Well Commander Re, you need to go get some fuel of your own cause you have a mission called school today.” I say scooping him up. He giggles as I tickle him and carry him down the stairs.

I set him on the stool next to Aro and hand him a plate of pancakes.

" Miss Tori, your father wanted me to remind you that starting in two days you will have your own bodyguard that will follow you around school and everything else.” Bucky says looking at me.

I nearly spit out the orange juice I’m drinking. I swallow take a deep breath then look at him. ” I’m sorry, What??”

Ten minutes later I’m pacing the conference room fuming.

" Dad, Why in the world do I need a bodyguard?” I ask looking at my dad.

" Tor, I just want you to be safe. Here at St.Lennix you are safe as possible but out there in a different country, You never know what threats or people may hurt you.” He says calmly. I stop for a minute actually seeing this in his perspective. Of course he wants to keep me safe but does having a thirty-something man following me around keep me safe? That’s when I get a brilliant idea.

" Dad what if I find my own bodyguard?” I ask getting hopeful. ” That way people don’t suspect anything.” I hold my breath as he thinks about it.

" Alright fine, I’ll allow that. But you have two days understand?” He says giving me a stern look.

" Yes I understand, thank you.” I grin. I hang up and make sure that Aro and Re got to school then I have Bucky drive me over to my school. I’m a little late as I finally walk into Econ and sit next to Aspen Lancast.

" You’re late. Tisk Tisk.” He whispers smirking. I giggle and push him away. Aspen is adorable, he’s tall with tan beautiful skin and golden hair that is slightly curly, and bright green eyes.

" Shut up Lancast.” I whisper back. Aspen is basically my best friend here in the states and the only one who knows who I really am. Which is how I thought of the most ingenious plan ever. I could have Aspen as my guard.

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