The Bodyguard

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Chapter 2

" wait wait wait, lemme get this straight, Your dad wants you to have a guard and so you choose me?” Aspen says as we walk towards the boy’s locker room.

" Yes, please can you do it. I really don’t want a thirty-something year old following me around all day. I already get weird looks when I get out of the car with Bucky.” I say looking up at him.

" Victorie, if you think I’m going to give up my social reputation to hang out with you on a daily basis,” He stops and smirks down at me. ” Then you are absolutely right because I would love nothing more then to do so.” I let the breath I didn’t realize I was holding.

" You are a freaking life saver.” I smile. I’m so happy I wrap my arms around him hugging him tightly. He wraps arms around me and hugs me back. I let go blushing a little.

" You’re cute when you blush.” He whispers looking down and gently brushing his thumb against my cheek. This just makes me blush more. He chuckles, " That’s not helping my case there, Tori.” He kisses my forehead gently and pulls away. I just stare up at him in awe and confusion.

" I...I’m not cute.” Is all I can manage to say. I lick my lips and look at his lips before looking him back in the eye.

" I’ll be the judge of that Princess, but for now I have practice. You want to stay and watch or do you have to watch the twins?” He asks curiously.

" Um I think that I have a little bit. Let me call Bucky and see if their nanny is coming after school.” I stutter trying not to melt by the gaze he has on me right now.

" Sounds good, let me know if you need a ride home.” He kisses my hand and then winks before walking away into the boy’s locker room. I lean against the wall trying to comprehend what just happened before I call Bucky. After I call Bucky and get clearance to stay for Aspen’s practice, I call my dad.

" Hey dad, I found a guard. Do you want to have an interview tonight?” I ask blushing at the thought of Aspen being at my house.

" Yeah. What do I need to know about them?” I tell my dad all about Aspen finding myself once again blushing. Crap, I’m a total goner for this dude. ” Yeah have him come over tonight and I’ll call you.”

" Alright dad talk later.” I grin as I hang up and head out to the baseball fields to watch varsity practice.

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