The Bodyguard

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Chapter 3

I sit on the bleachers doing my calc homework while simultaneously watching the boys practice. Aspen is at first base and probably the best first baseman I have ever seen. He stretches up to reach a bad throw. After his practice they go into the locker room to change. I feel hands wrap around my waist.

" Hey gorgeous.” Aspen whispers in my ear. I blush and lean back to look up at him.

" I think you’ve got the wrong person.” I whisper softly. His bright green eyes twinkle in the late fall evening.

" Hmm... nope, you’re the only princess that I know personally.” He grins showing two dimples making me blush even more.

" Whatever, you did great.” I whisper. He nuzzles my neck letting his lip brush softly along a soft spot. He spins me around so I’m facing him.

" Can I kiss you please?” He whispers cupping my face. I blush hard trying not to devour him right then and there.

" Y-yeah” I say softly. He grins and softly places his lips on mine. I kiss him slowly tasting his mint gum and sweat. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. I hear him let out a soft growl as he wraps my legs around his waist holding me tight against him. I open my mouth kissing him deeper. He picks me up kissing me deeply burying his fingers in my hair. One of his friends comes out of the locker room.

" Damn Lancast” He says slapping him on the back. We pull away breathing heavily.

" What do you want Straz.” He says in his sexy deep ragged voice. He lets me go setting me back on the top bleacher seat.

" Oh I don’t know I walk out to you making out with a girl, a really hot girl.” Straz says giving me a goofy grin. I blush hard.

" This is Tori, she’s my girl so back off.” Aspen says looking at me with admiration.

" Nice to meet you, coach wants to talk to you. Steirs got kicked off so you’re now captain.” He says grinning. He winks at me then walks away. Aspen looks back at me.

" Woah, captain?” He says trying to hide his excitement.

" Go get em Cap, I’ll wait for you.” I grin up at him.

" Freaking best day ever.” He whispers before kissing me gently. He pulls away looks at me and then kisses me again before running back into the locker room. I sit looking at my phone while I wait for him. I check St. Lennix news and see nothing new which is good. Aspen comes back out grabbing his baseball bag and my school bag and taking my hand.

" C’mon baby girl, dinner is on me” He grins down at me and I nearly melt. I follow him out to his car.

" Tori, who’s that guy talking to Daddy?” Rein asks me as I tuck him in for bed later that night.

" That’s Aspen, he’s my new bodyguard.” I whisper softly stroking his curls. Aspen is currently in the conference room talking with my dad and getting his background check. ” Goodnight Rein” I kiss his forehead and leave his room closing his door. I’ve already tucked in Aurora, and so I head down to get some coffee. I’m sipping on my coffee watching the Flash when Aspen comes in grinning.

" My god, I didn’t think you could get more adorable.” He whispers taking my cup and placing it on the coffee table and pulling me into his arms sitting down. I curl up into him. He kisses my head as we continue to watch the flash. We talk as I’m curled in his arms with a blanket over me. I feel his finger tips running up and down my arm slowly as he takes in what I’m saying.

" Oh by the way I asked your dad if I could date you and still be your guard, and he said yes just to make sure to keep professional work as is.” He whispers.

" Oh, ok.” I smile up at him. He grins happily. I don’t remember when but I fall asleep in his arms. I’m half awake as I feel him carry me upstairs. I open my eyes slightly as he sets me in my bed.

" Night Tor.” He whispers grinning. He presses his lips to my forehead before slipping out of my room and closing the door. I fall back into sleep smiling to myself.

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