The Bodyguard

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Chapter 4

Rein giggles as Aspen tosses him in the air and then places him on his shoulders. It’s a Saturday afternoon and Aspen doesn’t have baseball and Bucky was back in St. Lennix to help my dad with things, so we decided to take Rein and Aurora to the amusement park. I hold Aurora’s hand as we walk into the park.

" Alright tater tots where are we going first?” Aspen asks looking down at Aurora. She chooses the teacups and we all smoosh into one.

" Just so you know I go all out on these types of rides.” He says giving me a wicked grin. I blush and giggle.

" Oh lord” I whisper as the ride starts. Aspen starts spinning the wheel so we go faster. Re and Aro squeal with delight as we go. I grip onto Aspen’s thigh trying not to go flying while laughing hard. I hold onto the twins as we get off, so they don’t fall over and Aspen holds onto us all. I giggle as I snuggle myself into his chest. He chuckles and tilts my head up.

" You good?” He asks grinning.

" Never better.” I whisper pressing my lips to his softly. I feel him grin as he kisses me back. We’re pulled apart by Aurora tugging on my leg, so we can go on another ride.

I carry a sleeping Rein and Aspen carries a sleeping Aurora up back into the penthouse. We set them in their beds then go into the kitchen. I hop onto the counter and Aspen puts our leftovers from dinner into the fridge. I smile watching him. He turns with a huge grin.

" What?” I blush looking up at him.

" Nothing pretty girl, thanks for inviting me today.” He says smiling softly. I bite my lip and smile back.

" Of course, I’m glad you were able to hang out. The twins love you.” I whisper blushing more. God he’s gotta stop looking at me like that.

" Me too” He whispers back coming in between my legs and sliding his arms around my waist. His fingers brush under my shirt and I feel his soft fingertips on my waist. I let out a small whimper despite my best intentions. ” What’s wrong baby girl?” He asks cocking his head to the side knowing exactly what he’s doing to me.

" N-n-nothing.” I whisper biting my lip.

" mmm you sure?” He asks brushing his lips against my jaw and nuzzling my neck. I tilt my head closing my eyes.

" Y-y-yes, I’m sure” I whimper as he kisses my neck softly gently biting.

" So you’re good with this?” He runs his hands fully up my shirt resting them on top of my bra. I shiver from his touch and closeness.

" Y-y-yeah.” I whisper. He smirks and takes my lip into his mouth sucking gently and pulling away tugging on it. I look up at him and see a look I’ve never seen in another man: pure lust and hunger.

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