The Bodyguard

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Chapter 5

Dear sweet baby Jesus, the things this girl is doing to me. I don’t know what came over me but when I turned from the fridge and saw her just sitting on the counter looking sexy as hell, I knew I needed to make her mine. Hanging out with the twins and her today may have been one of the greatest day of my life. Seeing the pure joy in Tori’s face was enough to make a pure man a sinner. So many times I wanted to pull her to the side and just kiss her till we were both breathless. Like our first kiss that Straz so unkindly interrupted. But of course we had Rein and Aurora with us, so I couldn’t just kiss her like crazy. Now here we are, she’s sitting up on the counter and I have my hands on her, and she’s turning me on so much. Her whimpers are making it really hard for me to take it slow.

" Tori, tell me if you want me to stop.” I whisper huskily as I kiss down her neck.

" P-pl-please don’t” She whispers tilting her head and burying her fingers in my hair. That confirmation is enough to make me want to make her melt right then and there. Somehow I’m able to regain control and continue kissing slowly. I chuckle against her neck making her let out a soft moan.I feel her grind slowly against me and I feel her lift my shirt up. I step back and lift my shirt over my head. I watch as she bites her lips looking at my toned torso and chest.

" Your turn, beautiful.” I growl softly. She slides her shirt up slowly then tosses it next to mine. It took a lot for me not to rip her shirt off for her. I cup her breast slowly taking her in. I lower her bra straps and unclasp her bra looking down at her perky breast feeling myself get turned on even more. I raise an eyebrow questioningly. She bites her lip and nods. I kiss her neck then her shoulder and take one in my mouth suck on her nipple slowly. She grips my hair tugging gently as I run my tongue flicking and biting. I move back up her neck and kiss her deeply then kiss down to the other breast repeating my actions as she moans softly.

I push her down slowly, so she’s laying flat on the counter and kiss down her stomach. I undo her shorts and tug them down. I rub her thighs gently then slowly tug down her panties. I kiss slowly back up her thighs hearing her breath hitch as I do. I kiss her pussy slowly taking in her sweet taste. She moans arching her back as I continue to eat her out slowly taking my time before sliding two fingers into her tightness. I slowly pump my fingers in and out of her causing her to shake and moan.

" A-Aspen I’m gonna come. ” She moans out closing her eyes. I feel her tighten on my fingers as she releases on me. I feel her juices run down my hand as I pull them out and suck them off.

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