The Bodyguard

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Chapter 6

Holy shit, Aspen just made me come. I pant as I watch him lick my juices sexily off his fingers. He undoes his pants and slides them down followed by his boxers and I pray to all the gods that neither Rein or Aurora decide to walk in. I’m also glad that Bucky’s not here right now. Aspen pulls me to the edge of the counter and places himself at my entrance.

" You ok baby?” He asks softly though his voice is thick with desire. I look up at him through my lashes and smile.

" Yeah I’m good.” I whisper back. He grins satisfied with the answer and slowly slides his length into me. I moan my eyes rolling back as he fills me. He lets me adjust before slowly starting to thrust in and out of me. He kisses me deeply as he picks up the pace.

" Baby, I hate to tell you this but due to the fact that you feel so fucking amazing I will not be lasting long. Am I allowed to come inside you? ” He asks looking at me drunkenly. He kisses my neck rendering me momentarily speechless as he fucks me faster.

" Oh...god...yes you...shit....yes.” I say finally being able to speak. He growls happily as he keeps pumping into me. I bite his shoulder as I feel my own orgasm building up once again.

“3...2....1.” He counts down before shooting his load inside. I shake as I release on him our cum mixing and leaking out onto the counter. I pant and lay on the counter. Aspen rests his head on my stomach panting himself.

" Goddamn girl, you’re amazing” He grins. He kisses my stomach looking up at me. I giggle. He picks me up and carries me to my room. I curl up as he leaves to grab our clothes then climbs into bed taking me in his arms.

" Goodnight Aspen. ” I whisper looking up at him.

" Good night beautiful girl.” He whispers kissing my forehead.

It’s been a few months since Aspen and I have started dating, so we decided it would be a good idea if he met my dad in person, plus it was the twin’s birthday, so we needed to go to St. Lennix anyways. We’re on our jet back home, the twins watching a movie and Aspen and I are in the conference room talking and kissing but mostly kissing. I giggle as he picks me up and sets me on the table.

" I have a feeling I won’t be touching you as much as I would like to on this trip?” He asks raising an eyebrow.

" Yeah you’re right.” I say softly.

" Welp, guess we have to make the best of this then. Don’t worry we’ll keep our clothes on.” He gives me a sly smile as he kisses along my neck. We hear a knock on the door.

" Ma’am?” Bucky calls through the door.

" Yes Buchanan?” I call back annoyed. I only use his full name when I’m aggravated or annoyed.

" um I hate to interrupt, but we are about to land.” He says.

" Thanks B.....” I get interupted by Aspen kissing me deeply. I kiss him for a minute then gently push him away. ” Thanks Bucky we’ll be right out.” I call. I slide off the counter taking Aspen’s hand.

" Aww, I was just getting to the good stuff.” He grins as we head out to sit down. I roll my eyes.

" You’re on guard duty.” I whisper as we step out to camera’s flashing. I help Rein and Aurora off the plane as Aspen gets the bags. We head into the city away from the coast.

" Wow so this is your house?” Aspen says in awe as we walk up the steps.

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