The Bodyguard

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Chapter 8 - Aspen POV

Oh my god, the wonders Torie can do with her mouth. I just about came when she took me into her mouth. Then she deepthroated me and held it while looking up at me innocently.

" Goddamn baby,” I whisper running my hand through her hair. She plays with my balls and I arch my back driving my cock deeper down her throat. She gags so I pull back a little.

" I’m gonna cum, do you swallow?” I ask her as she looks up at me again. She nods and starts sucking me faster. It’s enough to send me over the edge and cum deep down her throat. She pulls off panting and swallowing my load. I sit up and push her back down sliding her panties back down. I lift her legs, so they’re on my shoulders and push into her moaning.

" Oh Aspen!” She moans out as I start thrusting faster into her. She’s so goddamn tight I don’t stand a chance lasting inside her. I moan as I thrust faster into her. This girl is going to be the end of me. I cum hard kissing her deeply. She pants as I pull out slowly and pull her into my lap.

" Why are you so damn amazing.” I whisper kissing her head. She giggles and snuggles into me more.

" I’m not that amazing” She says looking up at me. Those green eyes tell me differently. I don’t say anything just snuggle her in closer to me holding her tightly. She ends up falling asleep and I sit there just admiring her. Her full lips that taste like heaven are slightly parted, and she’s gripping the front of my shirt. I finally get up and take her back into the castle where I climb into bed with her holding her while we both sleep.

" Aspen wake up.” Torie whispers shaking me gently. I almost stay asleep to see what else she does but I open my eyes gently to find my angel giving me the sweetest smile.

" Hi gorgeous.” I whisper my morning voice deep and ragged as usual. She blushes hard and smiles. I love making her blush, like I will take it as a win if I make her blush at least 5 times a day and it looks like I’m off to a great start.

" Um breakfast is ready and it’s the twin’s birthday.” She whispers blushing more as I sit up shirtless.

" Do we have time for cuddles?” I ask opening up my arms.

" As long as its just cuddles.” She says giving me a look. I smirk knowing I’d love to do a hell lot more than cuddles and so would my morning wood. But I think about Danny DeVito in a Speedo and my wood goes down enough.

" I swear its just cuddles.” I grin. She crawls into my lap and I wrap her up tight. I rest my lips against her head and let my hand stroke up and down her arm. We cuddle for a while and then Aurora comes in.

" Daddy says you two have to come down." She grins. I wink at her.

" Alright pretty girl we'll be right there." Torie says sitting up. Now I know it's the end of my perfect morning. I kiss her gently burying my fingers in her beautiful curls. I miss her warmth as soon as she pulls away. She slides off the bed and I take her hand. I grab a shirt sliding it on then follow her down to the dining room. I have not yet attempted to walk the castle for fear of getting lost and mostly cause I love watching Torie walk ahead of me. No, not because I like watching her ass but because shes beautiful in general

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