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Lust and desire in her eyes shifts to fear, helplessness and fragility. A small drop of sweat starts dripping from her forehead. She starts struggling for air , her lips starts to shiver." Fuck she is having a panic attack. I dashes towards her " Ash.. Babe look at me...breathe babe please breathe. Her light brown eyes closed slowly and she worn out in my hands. So our heroine is Ashrene Lydia Christane , a typical timid girl . She always loves to be in her own world because that's how her life mold her . She hates attention but unfortumately somehow she gets the eyes of Jerden Philip on her who is the usual brat pack boy who has all girls eyes on him. Will they fall in love.? who will be the person who is going to change her life? Who will be her happily everafter ?Will she be able to handle the unexcepting things gonna happen in her life ? Lets see what this life have for her........ As I'm not a professional writer and this is my first book please ignore my mistakes and enjoy reading. I'm Always open for reviews and suggestions. More than a reader, you all are my friends and i need your support.

Romance / Drama
Archana Mohan S
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Our heroine is here.....


"Ash..... Ash stop day dreaming dude.Are you coming out or not?" My train of thoughts get interepted by Riya.

"Umm.. i'm not in a mood Ray" i tell her with my best puppy eyes .

"oh ! baby i'm not going to take a no for an answer , so better get ready within 10 minutes or else you have to come with me in those pyjama , the choice is yours" she give me don't understimate your bestfriend look.

"Don't you dare Ray " how i ended up choosing this most irritating person in this world as my bestie.

" Thats my girl. Now go and change baby " she pushes me towards the restroom.

She is Riya Gupta, my best friend and our friendship is best thing ever happen in my life. She always know how to cheer me up.we both know from the first day we will be best friends.

I'm staring at my reflection on the mirror. I feel pity for me . why he is not calling me? I checked my mobile again nothing from him. It has been 3 months. He didn't even come to see me. We are close by distance but always distant by our heart , till this second i am thinking why on this earth i accepted his proposal. I didn't had any feeling for him . May be because it's a sudden proposal and i'm out of my damn mind but from that moment i'm sincerely trying to love him. He is clearly ignoring me. we are together for almost 5 months but hadrly have a conversation that also he speaks and i listen.

I think he just know my name , my collage and also Riya .I can't help other than go with the flow because i don't want to break his heart. I know what exactly it will feels .It is not that he hates me.The thing is that he is not happy with my damn character. But i can't change it , it's me. I don't want to flirt with him just because he is my boyfriend neither want him to interfere in my personal buisness. This is me and that's is how my daddy brought me up.

"Penny on your thoughts Ash" She drag me from the room and continue " Its getting pretty late Peter has been waiting for me about an hour" she rushes me to walk a little bit fast.

I can't help other than to think about Sam . What now? What excuse is he going to come up with now. Anyway in the end of the day i will be the person who feel sorry no matter Who's fault it is.

All of sudden i found myself smiling involuntarily. There is Peter Elyse , my best friend's boyfriend more than that he is like my elder brother . Anyway the reason behind my smile is not him it's Jerden. I don't know why but i feel happy around him. Maybe because of that aura or that damn smile which makes me forget every pin i have . Peter give me a brotherly hug while jerden gives me a small smile. I greet him back with my sincere smile.

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