The Football Players Girl

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Sofia White the billionaires daughter of a multi-billion dollar company has to go to school undercover not to cause any trouble everyone at school knows her as Penelope Anderson. Her father told her not to cause herself any trouble but when has that stopped anyone. Her first day of school she meets a boy Jackson Simpson a football player who has absolutely no money to his name or so she thinks. The second day of school she over hears his girlfriend Angelica say that she is going to sleep with someone who isn't Jackson so Sofia takes advantage to make Jackson's hers for one night. Except the world works in mysterious ways.

Romance / Erotica
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What The Hell Are You Doing In Here?

Sofia's POV

"I hate this, why do we put up with this Xavier" "we don't Sofia, we just live with it" "I'm tired of moving all the time like I get that our dad is this big global rich person with his friends, but we move every time he decides to expand his company more"

I walk into the house more like mansion and find my room that has been set up for me already all my makeup and clothes got here two days before we did. I go out to my balcony and look out at the town and man it looks beautiful while the sun is setting.

"Ms. White"

I turn around and see my butler with some chines food and a plastic bag, it probably has my new disguise in it I think as I role my eyes

I go grab the chines food "thank you Gregory" Ms. your bag I look at him as he walks forward to give it to me "Let me guess it my disguise?" he looks at me with pity while he nods his head "Yes Ms. White but it is also you schedule for your new school, I will have the car ready for you by 7" I smile at him "Thank you Gregory, um are my parents still here?" "No Ms.White they left awhile ago, to meet up with the others they told me to tell you and Xavier to not wait up" "Of course they did, thank you Gregory that will be all, goodnight" as soon as I hear the door close I fall to the floor and cry

After a few minutes I pull it together and grab the stupid bag I pull out a blonde wig and blue contacts I head to the bathroom and look at my self in the mirror, I cover up my natural hazel hair and put the blue contacts over my light green eyes I look horrible

you see my father when he was about 18 him and his friends started up a business and it went big so they then had enough to take over companies and expand, they became the well known around the glob the biggest billionaires of America, so now when I go to school I have to where a disguise, to not drag unnecessary attention to my family, but it does have its perks I can act however I want because its not like I would be damaging my families name, right?

I decide to eat the chines food Gregory brought up while watching Grey's Anatomy because oh my gosh this show is life, I decide that since I have school tomorrow I should probably go to sleep I strip down and shower the water felt so good against my skin I didn't want to leave but sadly the water had other plans and went cold on me, so I got out

I put on my black lace underwear and a big shirt then brush my hair and get in bed

I wake up to the sound of my alarm going off and silently cuss at my phone while I turn it off and get up, I walk into my big closet and take off my shirt I then put on the matching bra that goes with my underwear and put on a huge grey sweater that goes a little bit below my mid thigh, I then put on my black high knee boots I go into my bathroom and put my hair up properly then put the wig on I curl my "hair" then put the contacts in I spray my vanilla perfume best scent ever then my deodorant I then put on light mascara and pink lip gloss

I go down stairs and get into the car with Gregory, I like to sit in the front seat with him because I feel weird being in the back that probably sounds crazy

"Okay Ms. White your father told me to pass this message onto you" I look at Gregory so he can continue " Your father wants you to actually go to your classes, he says that he knows that they are always busy but school is important so stop acting out, it's a new school and a new town he wants you to at least try to stay out of trouble" I look at Gregory and smirk "Yeah, okay sure Gregory, um can you send my motorcycle to school, I'm trying out for the cheer team and don't want you out here waiting." He looks out at me and smiles "Of course Ms. White."

Jackson's POV

"Jackson get back here right now" "No thanks mom" I scream back as I get into my truck and drive off to school, once I get to school I see that everyone is whispering I look at my friends in confusion. "Dudes what's up" I tell then as we all do the normal bro hug nothing its just their is this hot new chic on campus, "Oh really?" "Yeah she just passed by us to get to the office a few minutes ago."

"Jackson Simpson please report to the principles office" I hear my name called on the sound system, wow everyone sure like saying my name today.

I roll my eyes as everyone stares at me "Dude what did you do?" I think before speaking "Well I don't know it could be anything with this guy." Everyone then laughs as I walk away, as soon as I get to the front office I get sent back to where the principal is and see a girl standing next to him dam isn't she something I think as I smirk.

Jackson this is Penelope and she is our new student, "Now you have been getting in trouble lately and you being the captain of the football team lets just say that could be bad for you scholarship wise, so instead of giving you two week suspension you have to show Ms. Penelope around and any other new student we may have for the rest of the school year, is that clear Mr. Simpson?" I stare at him for a moment thinking that I don't need a scholarship since I'm taking over my family business but then I remember that he doesn't know that, actually no one knows that "Yeah sure, whatever."

Me and Penelope leave the office and I look at her for a few minutes, "Okay well, I don't really want to do this so I'm going to leave you too it" I tell her as I start walking away "Wait" she says as she grabs my hand "You have to show me around don't you?" "Um, I do but I don't care so your on your own." "Fine then" she says smirking "I wonder what two week suspension must feel like" she says as she turns around, that sneaky bitch I think as she heads to the office door. "Wait" I say grabbing her hand but let go, "What is your schedule?" I ask her she smiles and then hands me her schedule.

"Well, we have a few classes together but other then that let me show you the field and lunch area." I tell her as I start walking she follows behind me when we walk in front of the trophies she stops to look at them.

"So your the captain of the football team? Does that mean that girl in the picture with you is the captain of the cheer team?" She asks "Yeah she is why?" "Oh nothing its just I plan on trying out for cheer this year, also she looks like your typical cheer captain is she also going to be a bitch?"

I start laughing as I look at her yeah "Well she isn't that bad, wait you trying out for cheer?" "Yeah what about it?" "Nothing pipsqueak" "Excuse you, but I was captain of my cheer team at my old school." "Yeah whatever, I will believe it when I see it." I tell her as she looks at me with a smirk "Fine then lets make a bet if I get on the team you have to introduce me to some of your friends, but if you lose I get to do your homework for the rest of the semester."

"ha ha yeah sure, deal" I say as we shake on it

After a few boring classes I find out that little miss new girl isn't as good as she appears when around teachers she ditched two classes after attendance.

When the final bell rings I go off to practice

Sofia's POV

This school is complete shit like seriously what the hell, and not to mention the name my dad gave me I thought I was keeping my name. When the final bell rings I head out to the locker room and change into shorts and a cropped sweater I fix my hair to make sure it will stay in place, then go to the field when I walk out I see all the football players and then I see that blond that was in the picture with that one dude I think his name was Jacks? I walk up to her and tap her on the shoulder.

"Um yes?" "Hi my name is Penelope and I'm a new student, I was wondering if I could try out for the team yeah?" she looked me up and down at first then talked "Sure um my name is Angelica, just like show us what you can like do." Oh my god is she one of those people? I go to the field and start doing flips then I do a split when I land after that she tells me to do a few more things and then tells me that I did great and will become a flyer.

"So the uniforms are in the locker room they come in a box that have different uniforms like our away games our home games and for when it is winter, and since their is a game tomorrow, you should wear the uniform to school" I look at her and smile "Also since you are new you wont participate at the game but be there in spirit" I nod my head in agreement "Sounds fun Angelica"

"Okay girls this is Penelope she is our new flyer, now everyone stand up and lets start practice."

The rest of my time was spent watching their routine and the football players practice and let me tell you that I was way more interested in the football players then the routines that the cheerleaders where doing.

Jackson's POV

Watching Penelope try out was interesting, I guess I lost and I hate losing. After practice I go to the locker room and change then wait by my car for Angelica. When Angelica comes out Penelope comes out as well and dam she looks sexy.

I watch as her and Angelica walk separate ways and see Penelope walking to a motorcycle? She puts her helmet on and opens up a compartment pulling out a black leather Jacket, I look at the back and see the name Sofia White? Must be a brand, no matter what she looks great in it.

Angelica gets in the car I turn around and get in the car as well once I do Angelica grabs my face and kisses me biting my lip in the process.

She then pulls away, "Baby I don't like you talking to that new girl." "Why not?" "Just don't talk to her baby." "God why do I listen to her? Has her voice always been this high? Fine I wont talk to her."

She smiles and claps her hands together then she grabs my face and kisses me she then takes the lead and puts her tongue in my mouth, this feels really gross why am I dating her again? Oh yeah, because she is an easy fuck.

I pull away and then start the car taking her home.

Sofia's POV

After Practice I get the uniforms from the office and give the coach the money for the uniforms, I then leave after changing and put the uniforms in my bag, I walk out and see Jacks? waiting for what I assume is Angelica. I get to my motorcycle and smile I put my helmet on and leather jacket I noticed my name was on it but at this point didn't care then put my backpack in the compartment. I drove off passing Jacks car and see Angelica has her tongue down his throat gross.

I get home and walk up to the door and unlock it "Mom, Dad, Xavier I'm home" "Ms. White" "Gregory where is everyone?" "Your mom and dad had an important meeting to go to and since your brother will take over the company after marriage he tagged along as well" "So what your saying is that once again I'm left out of the family business?" "it's okay Ms. White, how was cheer try outs?" I smile at Gregory, "It was fun I made the team, I'm a bit tired so I will be in my room, um Gregory can you please give this to Mrs. Maggie" handing my uniform to him, "It needs washed for tomorrow" He nods and then leaves while I head upstairs to my room.

I go into the bathroom and take off my contacts then wig as I discard my clothing and shower I walk out and put on my red laced underwear and grab a big shirt then I lay down.

In the morning I wake up and see my cheer uniforms hanging up, I get up and put on the matching bra. Then I put on the golden like crop top that has Lions written across of it the top reaches just above my belly button showing off my blue jeweled belly piercing. I put on the blue matching skirt that reaches mid thigh then head to the bathroom to put the wig and contacts on. I spray my Vanilla perfume and deodorant on, not really in the mood I put gloss on and leave going down stairs.

I put on my black leather jacket the one that doesn't have my name on it , I put my phone in my bag and put my helmet on saying bye to Gregory, then get my ass on my motorcycle. I kinda forgot how to get there so by the time I got there it was second period so I decided to just ditch and head to the field.

Jackson's POV

I ditch class and go to the field to smoke a cigarette but stumble upon someone laying down in the grass.

"Hello, shouldn't you be in class?" I ask the figure laying down "That's a great question, shouldn't you been in class ?" the person responds wait I know that voice "Penelope are you seriously skipping?" she gets up and stares at me then walks up to me "Jacks are you seriously smoking?" she says as she grabs my box and grabs one, I stop moving when she digs in my pocket and pulls out my lighter, she then puts it between her teeth lights it and stares at me. realization kicks in, did she just call me Jacks? I like it.

"You know that's bad for you." I tell her, she looks at me and smirks "I can say the same for you" she says I pull one out and sit down she sits next to me and we just sit in a comfortable silence when she finishes hers she puts it down and steps on it. I look at her and notice she is in her cheer outfit she looks fucking hot I look down her body and my eyes stop at her stomach where I notice her belly piercing. I had the urge to lick her up and down starting from there.

She looks back at me and smiles come on lets go to class.

After that, I couldn't stop thinking about her she looked hot and bad ass with her leather jacket on and when she sat down her skirt went up showing off her tan legs, that I wanted so badly to be wrapped around my waist while I have her up against a wall, with my hands running up and down them, she is someone I can see being the future to Morays company, I need to stop thinking like this I'm with Angelica.

The day went by pretty fast, it was already time for the game, during the game the cheerleaders cheered and we where doing great, when I wasn't playing I was sitting down on the bench I talked to Angelica but my eyes stayed on Penelope sadly I couldn't go up to her so for the rest of the night I ignored her.

Sofia's POV

After the game our team won it was a really good game, everyone heads to the locker rooms I step inside and hear Angelica talking to the other girls saying that she was going to ditch Jackson tonight to sleep with some guy named Anthony? and that she told Jackson she was going home so he wouldn't be expecting her. When I hear that my mind immediately hatches a plan.

I wait till all the cheerleaders leave and head to the boys locker room I see someone leaving, "Excuse me is Jacks still in there?" "You mean Jackson?" I stare at him confused "I guess?" "Yeah Jackson is still in there he is the only one he wanted to shower." "Thank you" I say as the guys leaves. I wait a few minutes and enter the room. Don't judge I'm a grown woman and he is a handsome man and I wouldn't mind having one night with him. and its not like he would be having sex with Sofia White he would be having sex with Penelope Anderson.

"Jacks" I "scream" more like whisper, he doesn't respond so I get out of my uniform and everything else minus the wig and contacts, wrap the towel that I'm assuming is his around me and head to the showers I step into the one that has the water running trying my best to be quiet.

I face Jacks and I'm looking straight at his back, I reach out and put my hand on his back he tenses but then turns around, he looks at me and then pushes me against the wall, the towel that was once wrapped around my body falls making us both completely naked. Call me crazy but his body frames my body perfectly.

"What the hell are you doing in here" he scream whispers as we lock eyes, except instead of those dark blue eyes that I was expecting I see light gray eyes and instead of brown hair his hair is black? What the fuck is going on?

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