Work of Destiny

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Just a love story of one soul inhabiting two bodies.. She refused to give her heart to anyone but when he came along, she could not resist her heart's desire to go to him. She found herself giving her soul out when she had refused giving her heart out.

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

Okay, bye. Julia hanged up the call and started thinking of the dress to wear for the outing Emerald just told her about. Julia and Emerald became friends since grade eight. Julia was tall with a heart shaped face, small eyes and a small pouty mouth with a slightly pointed nose. Her hormones did a good job with her body. Emerald had the same features as her friend but with little difference and a stranger could mistake them for twins. And oh, they had long curly dark hair.

Emerald and her boyfriend Jack, planned to go to a dinner that evening and so Emerald had just called Julia to tell her to go with them. Yes, tell her not ask her. Julia had refused to enjoy herself in any way and that included having a boyfriend.

Julia jumped from her bed when her phone vibrated. She picked it up and checked her message, "we will be there at 6:30". She checked the time and realized that she had only an hour to get ready. She lazily strolled to her wardrobe and picked a blue green dinner dress that had been a gift from her late father.

Carefully laying the dress out on the bed, she went to the bathroom to take a shower. As she removed her dress, she took a look at herself in the mirror and smiled at what she saw. She entered the bath and turned on the shower.....

So many of you might be wonderiweabout the fact that Julia was going to be a third wheel. But that's something we will know in the next chapter. See yah.

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