Work of Destiny

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Chapter 10

She moaned as intense pleasure swept through her but she gathered enough resistance to push his head away from her breast.

"Stop, and got off me right now" Julia demanded. "No, I won't " he refused. "why?" "I want to to accept my proposal to be my girlfriend" "and what if I don't accept? " "then I will not get off you" he said firmly with a serious face.

Julia knew she could have refused and easily get him off her but she really wanted to be his girlfriend. "Okay, I will be your girlfriend, now let me go" "promise you are telling the truth" he wanted to be sure. "I promise" she assured him.

He planted a kiss on her forehead and released her. She bolted for the door and said "your dinner will be ready in thirty minutes time" and then closed the door behind her. When he heard her retreating footsteps, he knew he had made a mistake by letting her go because he now had a throbbing manhood.

His stomach grumbled for food. He dressed in the pyjamas Julia provided him with. He came out of the room just as she started serving the food. It was a simple dish of scrambled eggs and vegetable salad.

"That smells nice, girlfriend" "cut that out, stop calling me girlfriend and call me by mu name" "but you are my girlfriend" "you forced me, remember? " "how did I force you?" "you threatened to sleep with me" she bit her lips for she knew she had went too far. "I didn't... " "just shut up, sit and eat or the food will get cold" she cut him off from continuing his sentence.

They sat and ate their food in silence and stolen glances. When Julia couldn't bear his gazes anymore, she said "will you stop staring at me like that?" "why should i?" "because you are making me uneasy." "that's too bad, I can't stop looking at you because you are so beautiful and pretty enough to drive any man crazy like you do me now" "stop it, I'm not beautiful and pretty enough to drive men crazy" "then should I show you, you are? "

Before she could answer him, he was out of his chair and was behind her.

She got up to move away from him but that was a mistake. He pulled her to himself so that her back was against his front. He rubbed his bulge on her behind. "Can you feel what you do to me? You are driving me crazy with need right now". She sucked in her breath as he slid his hands up to her breast and fondled them.

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