Work of Destiny

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Chapter 12

Monday, she was called back to D-Lable Construction company and was told that she qualified for the job. She was told to come to work the next day. She got ready on Tuesday and went to work at exactly 8:00 am. "Good morning, Sir " she greeted. "Good morning, and stop calling me sir. Call me Donald" "ok s.. Donald"

He couldn't believe she was herself again. She was all smiles as if nothing had happened. Julia settled for her work and everything went smoothly.

Julia was busy with her computer when she heard Donald's voice behind her. "I can call you a workaholic because you work too much. Do you realize it's 6:00 pm and there is no one here except you and I? " he questioned. "No, I didn't realize until now. "Start getting your things together so that we leave for the house." " what do you mean by 'we'?" "I will drive you home of course. I'm a gentleman and I won't leave a beautiful woman alone especially when she happens to be my girlfriend"

"Ok, I surrender, let's go" she said as she got up and picked her files. "What are you taking those files for?" He asked her. "Why?, to work on them in the house" she answered.

"Put them down, work on them tomorrow. Tonight is for the two of us" "what do you mean by 'tonight is for the two of us'?" In response, he kissed her.

He took the files from her and placed them down. Some minutes later, they left for their houses in Donald's SUV. He dropped her in front of her house and walked her to the door before leaving. He promised to return at 8:00.

The doorbell rang and she went to open the door for him. He wore a casual outfit. He entered and locked the door himself. "Let me get us some wine" Julia said nervously.

He went to the kitchen where she was. A wine bottle in her hand and she was reaching for a couple of wine glasses.

He stood behind her and wrapped his arm around her waist, he took the wine from her with the other one. "The pizza is in" he informed her. "Which pizza are you talking about?"she asked. "Well, I ordered one on my way here, so hurry up let's eat while it's hot" he said as he ushered her out of the kitchen.

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