Work of Destiny

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Chapter 13

They ate only six slides of pizza. As they ate, Donald continuously rubbed his leg against Julia's own which sent shivers down her spine.

Donald could no longer control herself. He stood and went to her side of the table. He pulled her up and turned her to face him. He lowered his hands to her hips and then to her buttocks, caressing them while Julia melted under his touch.

He descended his lips on hers and kissed her with so much passion. Julia tried her best to pull away but her efforts proved futile. He pushed against her mouth with his tongue and she parted her lips.

When his tongue found hers, she lost all her senses of resistance. She draped her arms around his neck and pull his head closer. His tongue played with hers until she moaned. He groaned in response.

He carried her so that her legs were wrapped around his waist, her arms still around his neck. He took her to the guestroom and gently placed her on the bed. He removed his shirt and joined her on the bed. He didn't kiss her as she expected, he rather tongued the base of her neck where he knew she was sensitive.

She arched towards him but he pushed her down. He undressed her little by little. He removed her dress, all of it and gazed at her luscious breast that were still held by her white lace bra. He removed the rest of his own clothing so that he was stark naked. Julia's eyes widened at that sight of him. Donald saw the look in her eyes and had wondered why.

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