Work of Destiny

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Chapter 15

When Julia came out of her office and was coming towards him, his heart skipped a beat as he noticed the soft sway of her hips.

"Sir.. em Donald, I'm receiving some complaints concerning one of our buildings. They are coming in at fast rate" "what do you mean by complaints?" He asked surprised. "Well, according to them, it is a school building under construction. They that it is developing cracks at an alarming rate." "Damn, this is not happening again, is it?" "Pardon me?"

"Oh, didn't you read in the news papers?"

"I'm sorry but I'm not a fun of reading news papers"

"Alright, about four years ago, when D-Lable was just an infant, one of its newly built hotels collapsed on its inauguration day and people got hurt.

When an investigation was carried out, we got to know that some people mixed our building materials with inferior ones. We had to spend a lot of money fixing the damages and compensating people. And now I'm afraid, that incident is repeating itself"

"Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope I can help". "Yh, contact our private investigator and tell him to come and see me" - " okay Donald" she said and left for her office.

A week after the investigator was called, the culprit was found and he pleaded guilty. He was fined to pay for the loss and damages.

That Saturday, Donald invited Julia for a date. They arrived at the restaurant to find no one there.

A waitress served them them glasses of sparkling wine. They talk about everything they could talk about.

From somewhere, music started to play. Donald asked Julia to dance with him and she accepted. The dance ended up to be much flirting and kissing.

They sat down when they got tired.

"Will you marry me, Julia?" Donald proposed

"Donald, I don't know. I mean we just met not long ago and a lot had happened and... " she was short of words.

"Julia, just reach into your heart. You will know the right answer" he suggested.

Over the weeks, she had realize that she had fallen in love with Donald as much as he also loved her. She knew her answer.

"Yes, Donald, I will marry you"

He went to her side, swept her off her feet and gave her a passionate kiss. He slipped a ring on her finger.

She knew right there and then that she had long given her soul to this man long before time. They would go through whatever comes their way and live through it.

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