Work of Destiny

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"You may kiss the brides" concluded the priest.

They had just finished declaring their vows and were blessed by the priest. Jack Emerald, Donald and Julia trooped out of the chapel in the arms of their respective partners.

It was a mass wedding that was attended by friends and well wishers.

The honeymoon was in Madagascar.

"Come here love" Donald motioned to Julia ad they entered their suite. Julia didn't hesitate and literally ran into his arms. She was off the ground before she knew what was happening.

Donald had his mouth on hers as he carried her to the king sized bed. He placed her gently on the bed and silently undressed himself. Julia held her dress to remove it when he stopped her " I will undress you myself ".

He undressed her bit by bit, material by material and all this while kissing each spot he uncovered. "You are beautiful" she replied "and you are beautiful too". He kissed every sensitive spot on her body.

He slipped his finger into her and found her hot and needy. He positioned himself on her and slipped himself into her hot tunnel.

Julia closed her eyes to the sensation and cried his name when he finally broke her maidenhead. "D, I love you " she said to her as a tear trickled down her face.

Donald kissed her tears away and felt sorry for her. "I love you too, Julia" he assured her and he began to thrust into her. He kissed her to prevent her from screaming out loud.

Together, they rode their way to bliss as their climaxed their orgasm and descended together.

"I love you, Julia" - "I love you too, Donald".

This was love and they were going to hold on to it forever.

The End.

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