Work of Destiny

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Chapter 2

Julia opened the door as Emerald was about to knock. "Hi Julia, always on time" blurted Emerald as she hugged her friend. "You know my principle" Julia shrugged. "Oh, hi Jack, I didn't see you there" Julia said to Jack as he reached out to shake her hand.

"Hello" came Jack's deep but pleasant voice. "Ok ladies, let's get moving " as he went to open the doors of the sleek SUV. Julia took the back seat as Emerald sat beside Jack in the front. She felt a pang of jealousy as Jack gave Emerald a quick kiss on the lips before starting the car.

It was a smooth ride as they reached the famous Heaven Serene Restaurant in thirty minutes. Jack quickly got out of the car to open the doors for the ladies before he went to park the car. "Isn't he a gentle man? "Emerald asked Julia as they were alone for a while. "Yes, yes he is" Julia answered her friend in ernest.

Within minutes, they saw Jack coming back but he wasn't alone. A man was with him. As they drew nearer, they realized that the man resembled Jack. "Hello Emerald" said the man as he shook her hand gently. "Hi Donald " chipped Emerald. "And this is your friend Julia, I suppose? " he asked Emerald.

As Julia looked at her friend, she knew that Emerald told this man things about her. "Hello Julia, I'm Donald, Jack's twin. Nice meeting you" he said. "Same here " she responded as they shook hands.

Surprise, surprise. Julia is not going to be a third wheel and yes, Jack and Donald are twins.

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