Work of Destiny

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Chapter 3

Julia felt a tingling sensation in her palm and she was sure he felt it too. She smiled as she tried to remove her hand but Donald held on to it firmly that she had to give a tug before he let go. He smiled at her and together, the four of them went into the restaurant.

Their orders were brought and they started to eat. As they ate, Julia felt someone's eyes on her and looking up she saw Donald openly staring at her. Donald held her eyes for what seemed like eternity. Jack and Emerald were in their own world to notice anything. Julia felt herself reddenning and she quickly lowered her gaze to her food.

They started on their wine after their table was cleared. They talked endlessly about themselves and all the while, Donald kept stealing gazes at Julia and she too did same. When she couldn't bear the tension anymore, she excused herself to visit the ladies. Looking at herself in the mirror, she saw that she was sweating. And she only sweated when she was nervous. What was this man doing to her?

She quickly touched up her makeup and returned to the table. Once there, her friend looked at her with teasing eyes and she returned an i-will-kill-you look. Julia felt a leg brushed hers and she knew it was him just by the smirk he was spotting on his face. She wanted to kick him so bad in the groin and smiled at the thought. Donald stopped his assault immediately as if he had read her mind. To Emerald, she wanted to get this hunk of a man out of her mind.

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