Work of Destiny

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Chapter 4

Moments later, the four came out of the restaurant, it was time to go home. Donald had to join them since he sent his car home. Emerald and Jack took the front seats and Julia and Donald sat at the back. Jack started the car when they settled.

Emerald and Jack started chatting happily and Donald thought of engaging Julia in a conversation and so he rubbed his leg against hers. "Hey, stop that" she retorted annoyingly. Donald laughed and it had a cooling effect on her. "Do you have a boyfriend? " he asked. "No" came her answer. "Wow, what is a beautiful and attractive girl like you still doing single? " he asked again. "I don't feel like having a boyfriend and besides I like to live alone " she was getting impatient. "But now you don't " he said casting a glance in the direction of Jack and Emerald.

Her face fell at his words and then he felt a warm muscular arm around her. "Then will you be my girlfriend? " he asked. "No, I will not be your girlfriend " she answered as she struggled to get his arm off her. She stamped her foot on his and he released her. She felt relieved and sad at the same time. Stupid hormones, she mentally face palmed her forehead. She was enjoying the feel of his arm around her.

The car stopped in front of her apartment and she got down to go. Emerald came around to give her a goodnight kiss and hug. The car waited until she entered her house and locked the door behind her.

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