Work of Destiny

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Chapter 5

"What a pretty damsel. How I wish I could hold her in my arms and fill myself with her scent". Donald thought to himself. He was overwhelmed by her and he was never overwhelmed with anyone. It's women that are overwhelmed by him. When he first saw her with Emerald, he knew she was the one. Her curves, the swaying of her hips and her laughter, oh everything about her was perfect. And suddenly, he found himself missing her presence.

"And how can she still be single? " he thought aloud. "Who?" Jack asked his brother. They had already dropped Emerald at her apartment. "Julia" came his reply. "Oh, the girl is waiting for Mr. Right I think." "Then I will be her Mr. Right " "good luck trying bro" Jack said as he patted Donald's shoulder.

They said their goodbyes as they parted to their respective houses. That night, sleep couldn't come to Donald no matter how much he willed it. His mind was filled with Julia and her subtle scent. He wanted her and he would her.

Julia's situation wasn't better either. Her mind was also filled with Donald. Her body did funny things around him. But she was determined to get him out of her mind because she felt he was trouble and she doesn't like trouble. Even if he wasn't trouble, she hated the way her body reacted to him. Somehow in the corner of her mind, she knew she was attracted to him and could do nothing about it.

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