Work of Destiny

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Chapter 6

"Good morning, Louisa, any messages for me? "Donald asked his secretary. "Good morning, Sir, there are no messages, only appointments for interviews " "Okay, we have more interviews for the vacancy for my personal assistant " he affirmed. "Alright, send them to my office when they come for the interview ". "Ok, Sir".

Donald had worked very hard to water his company to its present state. D-Lable Constraction Company, a company that deals in building hotels, schools, houses, and others. Just think of it.

His office had two rooms, the bigger one for himself and the average one for his personal assistant, that had been left unoccupied since his P. A. retired.

His office phone rang. "Sir, there is a lady here for the interview. I'm sending her over". It was his secretary.


He raised his head as the door opened. His jaw dropped to the floor as he scrutinized the person who stood there. She wore the regular womens' office suit. It fitted her so well that she looked like a runway model.

"Good morning, Donald. I hope I'm not mistaking you for my would be employer, am I? " she asked.

"No you are not mistaking Julia. I'm your employer and you are welcome " Donald answered with a glint in his eyes.

"Come and sit, so we can start with the interview "

Julia went to sit. They started with the formalities of every interview. "My name is Audrey- Julia Goldman but everyone calls me Julia. I attended U. C. L. A. and I'm here for the job of your personal assistant. I..... ".

They continued with the formalities and gradually, it came to an end. "You have to come back tomorrow, same time for your answer but now let's pretend we are not at the work place, shall we? "

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