Work of Destiny

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Chapter 7

"Yes, I can"

"Then answer my questions sincerely, will you? Is this your first time looking for a job? "

"No, I had a job but the company collapsed "

" Oh, that's terrible"

He came up behind her and gently stroked her hair. "Will you be my girlfriend? ". That question again.

There was no answer. His breathing became irregular and he breathed in her flowery scent. "Please answer me"

"No, I will not be your girlfriend. I have told you this already. I don't want to be your girlfriend ". She stopped to think about what she just said and she realized in one sense that she was not telling the truth no matter how she put it. She wanted to be his girlfriend, to be held n his arms, and to feel his lips on hers.

As though, he read her mind, he brushed his lips against her own and he immediately felt her inexperienced response. He pulled her to her feet and looked intensely in her eyes. On impulse, he kissed her lightly and then deepened the kiss as the passion between them inflamed. His tongue probbed at her lips and they parted for him.

His tongue invaded her mouth, exploring every crook and corner as she moaned.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door. For once he was relieved that his walls were made of tinted glass. They broke apart and resumed their seat.

"Sir, please your brother is here to visit you " declared the voice of Louisa.

"Let him in"

Jack entered and his eyes went to Julia's face, he grinned at her and gave her a wink. She felt her cheeks redeemed and silently cursed her light complexion.

"I can see, I interrupted a serious business, is that not so, bro? " He teased with laughter.

"Answer yourself" Donald grumbled.

"Em.. I think I'll take my leave now "

Julia managed to say and got up to go.

"I'll escort you to the door" Donald excused himself, took her hand in his and walked her to the door. When she looked into his eyes, she saw a laughing glint in them. She got angry and yanked her hand out of his and walked out of the room.

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